Top 5 Apps for April

Foto: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

Our top apps for April:

1. SAP Mobile Documents by SAP

2. SAP Account Intelligence by SAP

3. Nest Egg Inventory by Winprogger

4. MeteoEarth by MeteoGroup Germany

5. Podio by Podio

SAP Mobile Documents (Photo: screenshot)

SAP Mobile Documents by SAP

The SAP Mobile Documents app for iPad gives companies a secure alternative to Dropbox for their business users. As the mobile front end of the document management system SAP Mobile Documents, the app provides access to storage space in the cloud using the iPad. Unlike many other file-sharing services, SAP Mobile Documents has a secure connection to the company network plus the option of accessing existing document management systems from various other providers. The app’s functional scope includes the ability to work on documents together as a team as well as support for the automatic synchronization of files updated offline. The app can handle texts, tables, presentations, and multimedia files. For easy navigation, there’s a directory system. A practical feature is that content can be displayed on a connected screen or projector using the full screen mode.

Platform: iPad

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SAP Account Intelligence (Photo: screenshot)

SAP Account Intelligence by SAP

Just as business intelligence (BI) tools help people manage their business data, account intelligence solutions assist in the analysis of customer data – and SAP Account Intelligence provides the platform to do so. Not only can SAP Account Intelligence filter customer data and recommend activities, but – because it’s powered by SAP HANA – it can handle large data volumes and perform analyses in real time. Now SAP has made the solution available as a mobile app for the iPad. With the app, all customer data from the system can be displayed in an easy-to-understand interface and then segmented as desired. The focus is on attributes such as customer satisfaction, industry, and location. With the tap of a finger, sales execs can show customer locations – including KPI information – on a map in real time and create clusters as required. Users can also create their own target groups and process customer information in detail.

Platform: iPad

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Nest Egg Inventory (Photo: screenshot)

Nest Egg Inventory by Winprogger

This is one for hunters and gatherers: Nest Egg Inventory by Winprogger helps iPad and iPhone users keep tabs on their belongings. It’s pleasing to work with and logically structured, enabling objects of all types to be cataloged easily and then stored in predefined (household-based) or individually created categories. You can enter texts, upload photos, or use a barcode scanner to build your inventory. Many parameters help you get things inventoried and also attach reminders to certain items (for example, expiry of a guarantee or return date). And it’s practical, too: In some categories, the app automatically assigns the current market prices to new arrivals. This English-only app supports you with numerous functions for reporting and export, as well as with almost too many submenus, so that even the minutest detail can be taken into account. There are interfaces to iCloud and (for a fee) to Dropbox. Nest Egg Inventory costs €2.69 or U.S.$2.99, has excellent reviews in the iTunes Store, and is certainly just one of the pioneers of a completely new – and hip – type of mobile helper: the inventory app.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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MeteoEarth (Photo: Screenshot)

MeteoEarth by MeteoGroup Germany

If you are on the road and need practically up-to-the-minute information about the weather, MeteoEarth for iPad from MeteoGroup will provide you with an interactive weather forecast. Users can enjoy animations in the style of TV weather broadcasts, displaying developments in wind streams, cloud cover, temperature, and other factors in desired regions. An impressive feature is that you can always navigate in 3D around the globe and then zoom in smoothly to wherever you want. You can switch between 2D and 3D at any time and save your favorite default views. Despite high-definition graphics, MeteoGroup promises that data traffic is minimal, which not only saves bandwidth but also means that the app is fast. MeteoEarth provides a 24-hour forecast. The five-day forecast is – unfortunately – only available if you subscribe to the premium service. The app is available from the iTunes Store in English, German, and other languages at a price of €4.49 or U.S.$4.99.

Platform: iPad

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Podio (Photo: Screenshot)

Podio by Podio

Podio is a business app with a multitude of functions. It has a modular structure, so small and midsize businesses can select what they want according to their needs. From collaboration tools through CRM services and data storage, Podio provides everything for using the cloud effectively in companies. You only have to register once, like with Dropbox. In the app, the user has three preconfigured work environments that center on different task areas (for example, sales, projects, or event management). Hundreds of modules related to these topics can then be downloaded from the Podio Market. This is where you can also create your own apps. Project management, task management, file and document sharing – all these things are no problem with Podio. Impressively, Podio even provides social business functions, such as comment, like, and activity history. What’s more, there are functions for mailing and many connectivity options, including integrating contact management direct from an address book. Podio is available in various languages, including German and English, and is free for up to five employees. After that, it costs around €7 per employee per month.

Platforms: iPhone/iPad and Android

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