Top 8 Retail and Consumer Products Sessions at #SAPPHIRENOW

As I previously mentioned, the new Forums format at SAPPHIRE NOW is a big deal this year. Featuring “must-see” content for specific industries and lines of business (LoB) in a new one-day community format, Forums are designed to enhance your experience in Orlando. And if the Retail and Consumer Products Forum is on your shopping list, you’re in luck. Here are the Top 8 can’t-miss sessions, so be sure to reference the provided session IDs as you build out your agenda.

1. Deliver a Better Shopping Experience: Consumer Products and Retail
Discover how organizations can be the first to market with products and services that consumers want. Learn about how best-run organizations leverage buying behavior to drive new product creation, better inventorymanagement, and personalized shopping experiences.
SID: 4453
Session Type: Forum Keynote

2. Adapt and Win Using the Omni-Channel Supply Chain
Learn to understand customers and consumers better and fulfill their requirements faster. Join this session to learn how to adapt to more supple and responsive supply chains. Hear about how SAP customers have met their supply chain challenges.
SID: 4461
Session Type: Panel Discussion

3. Build and Execute a Business Intelligence Strategy on the SAP HANA Platform
Discover how to review your technology strategy to realize business process improvement. Hear how Maidenform Brands Inc. uses the SAP HANA platform and business intelligence to analyze its corporate reporting and performance management strategy.
SID: 4455
Session Type: Theater Presentation

4. Explore a Fashion Trend: 90-Day Implementation of Analytics on SAP HANA
This discussion covers how to provide up-to-the-moment indicators of sales velocity, conversion, labor, and other key metrics in less than 12 weeks. Listen to the CIO of fashion retailer Charlotte Russe discuss how SAP HANA platform-based analytics can make it happen.
SID: 4465
Session Type: Theater Presentation

5. Make What You Need and Ship What You Make: Demand Signal Management
Discover how many companies gather sales data, but few react quickly enough to take competitive advantage of the data. Hear how to understand demand, improve forecasts, increase sales, and run lean inventory: all while reducing stock-outs. Use the SAP Demand Signal Management application with the SAP HANA platform to prepare for the future.
SID: 4458
Session Type: Theater Presentation

6. Implement Merchandise Planning on the SAP HANA Platform
Learn how you can use merchandise planning to achieve your goals. The SAP Retail Merchandise Planning application can help. Hear how, in order to implement consistent, end-to-end planning, El Dorado is relying on real-time demand-driven forecasts, common data, and key performance indicators across the entire buying cycle.
SID: 4456
Session Type: Theater Presentation

7. Manage Your Trade Promotion Spend to Achieve a Higher ROI
Learn how to create and manage trade promotions. Join this session to discover methods for validating the effectiveness of every dollar of spend. Explore how to use predictive analytics to accelerate and optimize promotions to meet marketing objectives.
SID: 4460
Session Type: Theater Presentation

8. Use Sales and Operations Planning to Integrate and Perfect Your Business
Explore how even though your supply chain is complex, your customers want more, faster. And reaction margins for volatile demand and disruption are shorter. Discover how to plan and evaluate your options to optimize the supply chain, minimize inventory costs, and avoid capacity and material shortages, yet maintain and improve service levels.
SID: 4459
Session Type: Theater Presentation

What sessions are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments section below.

– @TClark01

This post originally appeared on SAP Community Network.