Agile and Accurate in Venezuela

Photo: SAP
Antonio Soto, Director of Orion, and Charlimar Pinto, Operations Manager. Photo: SAP

During the last decade, Venezuela’s economy has been largely characterized by sharp peaks and downturns in growth (see The Economist). It is still too early to tell how the results of the recent elections may impact this pattern or what they will mean for business. In this environment, however, it is especially important for companies to take a long-term view and exercise preparedness for eventual opportunities that may arise with little notice. Those companies with accurate accounting and administrative information are best positioned to move quickly to take advantage of these highs and lows for growth over the medium and long term.

SAP partner Orion Consultores, an SAP Business One reseller with over 10 years of experience in the Venezuelan market, works with customers to ensure that they have access to accurate and up-to-date information to be best-run businesses under any economic circumstances. Based in Caracas, with offices in Barquisimeto and Valencia, Orion has 45 employees in areas such as sales, SAP consulting, SAP support, SDK development, technology, and administration.

Orion’s customers represent various industries, such as manufacturing and distribution, services, and import/export. Their broad recognition in Venezuela places SAP in a favorable position within the domestic IT market. Marielisa Vizcaya, SAP Business One Channel Enablement & Solution expert, says, “For SAP, Orion has been a valuable resource not only within its channel ecosystem, but as a partner in various initiatives and processes of changing their country.”

SAP Partner Quality program boosts customer satisfaction

In June 2012, Orion joined the SAP Partner Quality program, one of a range of partner services provided by SAP’s Partner Service Delivery (PSD) organization, with the aim to improve the quality of its SAP implementations and increase customer satisfaction. The main objective of Orion in joining the program was to optimize and strengthen its implementation process and the company’s business by applying new strategies and SAP methodologies. Through close collaboration with SAP, Orion implemented tools and resources to increase the quality of its customer projects through standardization and improvements in control and quality procedures for project management.

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In January 2013, Orion achieved the SAP Partner Quality accreditation for demonstrating its commitment to quality management in its customer projects. The accreditation was awarded in recognition of Orion’s adoption of clear quality standards and processes in alignment with SAP’s 10 quality principles. Vizcaya says, “We are confident that Orion’s quality accreditation will be very positive in the ecosystem for potential customers and also for the experience and seriousness of Orion Consultores – culminating in successful projects.”

Orion Consultores is the first SAP Business One partner in Venezuela to achieve this accreditation and one of six partners honored with the recognition of “Indirect Customer Satisfaction Survey Award 2011” in the Caribbean region and Spanish-speaking South America for achieving high marks in customer satisfaction, as recognized by its customers.

Customer Project: Aplicaciones Aplinge

Orion applied the new methods from the SAP PSD Partner Quality program to an important recent project for Aplicaciones Aplinge. The use of SAP’s 10 quality principles in this project was key to understanding the customer’s business objectives and needs. Orion used a strategic methodology that helped it to identify potential project risks. In addition, Orion prepared a framework that included setting priorities, organizational goals, strategies, and project vision. Starting from this point was a key reason for this project’s success.

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Also very important to the success of the Aplicaciones Aplinge project was the development of a risk management plan, defining the responsibility for each task, determining the likelihood of impact to identified risks, as well as having a response plan to mitigate these risks.

Since Orion has started participating in the SAP Partner Quality program, it provides active quality management for all projects. The result has been lower implementation times and an improvement in services, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

“SAP partner Orion has always shown strong interest and engagement in fulfilling the SAP quality objectives, an integral part of the strategy of the Partner Quality program,” says Bárbara Reis, Orion’s partner quality advisor. “Orion’s team is very open for new suggestions and keen to implement them too. This has contributed to its high quality-assurance levels.”

As a result of applying these new methods to its projects, Orion succeeded in delivering the project for Aplicaciones Aplinge within scope and on time, all the while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. It fulfilled the SAP 10 quality principles and implemented the recommendations of the SAP Partner Quality Program, resulting in increased control and quality of project’s deliverables. Reis says, “Clearly, Orion is a largely differentiated SAP Business One partner and I’m sure they will keep following quality innovations.”