New HCM Customer Program

SAP Shared Service Framework

If you’ve ever wondered if SAP runs SAP, now you can see for yourself by attending the HCM (Human Capital Management) Customer Experience at one of SAP’s three Shared Service Centers worldwide. This program gives companies the opportunity to visit SAP facilities to receive firsthand insight into the HR Direct, hotline, and ticketing functions and processes that are used by over 65,000 SAP employees.

Each year SAP welcomes over 80 companies to its Shared Service Centers in Prague, Singapore, or Newtown Square. These interactive sessions focus on the customer´s need and main interest in SAP HCM solutions. SAP employees share how SAP has structured its HR organization, why it chose these three locations, what SAP’s strategy is, and lessons learned. Visitors also receive a tour through SAP facilities along the lifecycle of an HR administrative ticket. During the tour, they get to meet the teams at their desks and look over their shoulders while they are working with SAP HCM software to deliver HR services to the SAP employees.

New efficiency from SAP Shared Service Framework

Customers gain insight into operational excellence and increases in efficiency and effectiveness that come from using the SAP Shared Services framework. This multifunctional organization allows the deployment of the same architecture and governance structure to support HR, finance, IT, and other business functions.

The HCM Customer Experience is intended to showcase SAP’s awarded excellence, rather than to sell software. This year the Shared Services Outsourcing Network (SSON) awarded SAP the 2013 Excellence Award in the categories of “Excellence in Culture Creation” and “Excellence in Customer Service.”

For more information, contact SAP HR Global Operations.