China Consultancy Leads with Quality


hartung:consult management team (Photo: hartung:consult)
hartung:consult management team (Photo: hartung:consult)

hartung:consult China, a systems integrator and SAP services provider in China, achieved accreditation from the SAP Partner Quality Program for demonstrating its commitment to quality management methods and principles in its customer projects. The accreditation, available through one of the many partner quality services provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery, is a result of a series of rigorous audits that involved a detailed review of hartung’s quality processes, adherence to SAP ASAP methodology, and alignment of its quality philosophy with SAP’s 10 Quality Principles for successful bid and project management.

hartung:consult China was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of hartung:consult, a German consulting company focused on SAP products and services. hartung:consult China was the first local SAP partner in China. By working closely with SAP, hartung:consult China extended its business quickly to cover all SAP products such as SAP ERP, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business One, and SAP Business Suite with professional  IT consulting services. Today it has over 350 customers in China, including industry leaders like Bayer, BASF, and Bosch-Siemens-Household.

Quality improvements in the project life cycle

hartung:consult’s mission is to become the leading provider of SAP solutions and services in China. To strengthen and extend its customer focus and project performance, the company joined the Partner Quality Program provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery. The goal of the program is to improve quality throughout the project lifecycle – from bid to delivery and maintenance – as well as to increase customer satisfaction and minimize risks and escalations during the project.

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Go-Live celebration for battenfeld-cincinnati (Photo: SAP)
Go-Live celebration for battenfeld-cincinnati (Photo: SAP)

hartung:consult achieved the SAP quality accreditation in March 2013. To obtain the accreditation, hartung:consult had to submit an annual quality plan in accordance with the SAP quality principles. Quarterly quality reviews helped identify and prevent issues. In addition, hartung:consult had to complete at least two sales or deployment cycles following the new criteria.

Customer requires localized solution

By integrating best practices from the SAP Partner Quality program, hartung: consult has made improvements to various aspects of the project life cycle. Furthermore, the quality management templates and quality control processes of the SAP Partner Quality program have helped to enhance sales processes and delivery methodologies. The new measures have not only increased efficiency within the project, they have also enabled customers to maximize the benefits of their SAP software and thereby increased customer satisfaction.

One of the customers to benefit from the updated quality standards is battenfeld-cincinnati, a leading manufacturer of extruders, tooling, and complete extrusion lines, with more than 750 employees at its plants in Germany, Austria, the USA, and China.

battenfeld-cincinnati’s global management group was already using SAP as its unifying system. For daily operations in China, however, it relied on a legacy system that had limited functionality and could not keep up with demand.

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battenfeld-cincinnati had given careful consideration to the requirements for its new software solution: Business processes would have to be implemented according to the BC template, and comply with Chinese legal and local requirements. The project also called for handling a large volume of master data, although the legacy system had had no routing concept. Also, the cost settlement methods of the project system differed from European standards. An additional constraint on the project was that it had to go live one month before the scheduled time determined in the original plan.

Success based on careful analysis

After careful analysis and by applying best practices from the SAP Partner Quality program, hartung:consult recommended to implement the SAP ECC 6.0 Template, improved by Chinese legal and local requirements. To meet the special challenges of the project, hartung:consult drew up a rule set for the material master and set up a temporary database to handle the data volume. To ensure success of the new system, hartung:consult offered training and additional help for the key users to become acquainted with the SAP routing concept. As well, to accommodate the different system cost settlements, hartung:consult created a completely new settlement rule for the project system and made sure there would be no unwanted interactions with the European system.

“Now we have a clear logistic and costing process flow, and the SAP project system allows accurate project costs,” says Jessica Liang, CFO of battenfeld-cincinnati. “We got good feedback from our local key users, customer project managers, and met with a good response from our global plants.”