The Top Apps for May 2013

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

Our top apps for May:

1. SAP Receivables Manager by SAP

2. SAP Customer Journey by SAP

3. TE Mobile by Ondics

4. Safety of Security

5. AbleNote by TapWorx


SAP Receivables Manager by SAP

The “SAP Receivables Manager” for iPad and iPhone allows managers to view outstanding balances and customer receivables on the move. The app can connect to existing SAP ERP environments, and offers targeted management of customer behavior in a clear and transparent format. The app summarizes all due dates, outstanding amounts, and open transactions in various overviews, and categorizes each item according to given criteria such as reason, urgency, or due date. In turn, the overviews display either individual customer lists or deliver an overall view of open balances and payments according to the specified criteria. On the app’s start screen, the user can define the required settings and group definitions (for example, “all open receivables that are overdue by more than 60 days”). Also available in German, this new app also offers group functions such as offline capability.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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SAP Customer Journey by SAP

“SAP Customer Journey” for iPhone and iPad provides a clear overview of global success stories featuring SAP solutions. The catalog includes all imaginable deployment scenarios for SAP solutions across all sectors, industries, and solution areas, and delivers success stories in succinct, sometimes interactive reports. These reports focus on the essential, and outline how companies have been able to implement their visions and increase productivity thanks to SAP software. The app is beautifully designed with separate highlights areas for each project that increase its user appeal. The catalog is clear and intuitive, and includes a search screen with default tabs (company name, solution, business sector, industry) delivering fast results. The app is free and, so far, only available in English.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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TE Mobile by Ondics

Managing, controlling, and arranging data transports in SAP landscapes is all in a day’s work for many managers. Regardless of whether these transport requests are for internal purposes or communication with other companies, it is normally the manager that has to make the final decision even if he or she doesn’t execute the requests personally. The TE Mobile app for iPhone or iPad makes this task easier: The app allows project managers to check, approve or reject SAP-specific transport requests even while on the move. TE Mobile requires the solution “Transport Enforcer” from Solutive used in combination with an SAP system. Once TE Mobile is set up, the app supports the entire release process of SAP transactions: Transport requests can be retrieved, viewed, and approved, and e-mail notifications can be sent to the parties involved, all with the help of this powerful app. And it even has yet another advantage: It significantly simplifies the technical administration of these processes.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

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Safety of Security

The “Security” app for iPhone creates a “secret vault” on users’ iPhones. The app is particularly useful for users who regularly share their phone, but still want their private space to remain private. Naturally, the app is simple to use: Once the four-character code has been set up, a password‑protected screen allows the user to store photos, videos, voice notes, memos, and contacts in their respective folders. The app is very practical and even includes its own browser, which means the user’s browsing history and favorites remain private. Unfortunately, there is no Dropbox interface. The ad-free pro version costs €0.89 and comes without the minor restrictions of the otherwise fully-functioning free version.

Platform: iPhone

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AbleNote by TapWorx

Making virtual notes is always something of a chore. Tablets generally only offer rich-text screens with the sole ability to enter plain text. By contrast, more complex programs that also offer functions such as media file integration are too advanced for the purposes of note taking. The answer is AbleNote by TapWorx for iPad. Pinterest-style pinboards with personal notes can be created in a flash including multimedia material. Users can drag and drop notes, with sorting, zoom, and highlight functions at their fingertips. The app works offline and online: In online mode, sharing functions, Web links, and map functions are available. And since the user doesn’t have to exit the app, it is also extremely practical. Saved notes can be exported as PDF documents or e-mail, and the app even includes a powerful search function that searches the contents of the pinboards.  Available in English only, the app costs €0.89, and does not require registration.

Platform: iPad

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