Analysts Descend on Newtown Square to Cover Their Bases

More than 60 industry analysts from around the world will gather in Newtown Square on Tuesday and Wednesday to learn more about SAP’s latest and greatest during the company’s fourth annual influencer conference. The SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp at the company’s North American headquarters will promote SAP’s industry vision, strategy, solutions, innovations and five market categories.

This year’s theme is “Driving Innovation and Value for Industries.” Organizers expect the invitation-only Base Camp will showcase how SAP’s innovative portfolio delivers value to SAP’s customers via in-depth breakout sessions for individual industries, SAP executive presentations and demonstrations.

“We’ll have 64 influencers attending the Analyst Base Camp 2013,” SAP Senior Analyst Relations Manager Christian Kretz said Monday. “It is the biggest Base Camp ever.”

This will also be the first Base Camp with participation by customers. They will share their experiences during the Industry Customer Panel with SAP Radio host Bonnie D. Graham on Tuesday afternoon.

“Overwhelming feedback from last year’s event was that these leading analysts want to hear directly from SAP customers,” event lead Jennifer Prevoznik said Monday. “BlountDeloitte, and Intel and will be on stage for an intimate conversation about how their companies have used SAP solutions to revolutionize their businesses.”

A cocktail reception and dinner on Tuesday evening will give the analysts a chance to network with customers, journalists and other influencers, as well as SAP executives and spokespeople. Breakout sessions on Wednesday will focus on Banking, Manufacturing and eight other SAP Industries. There will also be one-on-one meetings with SAP executives.

“SAP recently announced Sports and Entertainment as its most recent industry focus,” Prevoznik noted. “We will preview this area during our executive panel on Wednesday.”

SAP Business Trends will feature coverage of the event all week. Get a minute-by-minute account of the SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp — and the latest on SAP Industries in general — on Twitter with the hashtag #SAPIndustries.

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