SAP: The Brand to Beat

Screenshot Infographic: WPP
Screenshot Infographic: WPP

Step aside, you-know-who — the SAP brand keeps getting better.

The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013 report has ranked SAP 19th overall — up from 22nd last year. Meanwhile, SAP’s biggest competitor, which also ranked 22nd last year, slipped to 36th place. While this company experienced an 11-percent decrease in brand value, SAP’s jumped 34 percent.

“In a year when the technology category improved only modestly in overall brand value,” the report claimed, “Germany-based SAP appreciated 34 percent as the business-to-business sector recovered and SAP introduced solutions for using big data for enterprise transformation.”

SAP moves ahead of BMW, Deutsche Telekom and Louis Vuitton

Amongst peers and competitors, SAP scored well. Within the technology category, SAP ranked 5th, just behind Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, respectively. Again, SAP’s biggest competitor fell short, ranking 10th.

In continental Europe, SAP snagged first place. As the brand with the top spot in this region, SAP moved ahead of heavy hitters such as BMW, Deutsche Telekom, and Louis Vuitton.

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In addition to breaking down brands by market segment and location, the report also identified the eight “fastest risers”, i.e. the brands that showed the most growth from 2006 to 2013. SAP made this list as well, with a 259 percent increase in brand value during this eight-year period. SAP joined Subway, Apple, Amazon, Hermès, Zara, Verizon, and IBM on this list.

Success factors for top companies

According to the report, eight characteristics account for the success of these fast risers: great value, relevant for today, harnessing technology, meaningfully different, personality, get abroad and about, a great branded experience, and reputation. The report praised SAP in particular for the latter category.

“Brand strength, what you stand for, is a valuable component of a good reputation,” the report stated. “SAP is rated in the BrandZ research as being particularly responsible as a company. And this underpins a good reputation.”

The BrandZ research is conducted by WPP’s Millward Brown Optimor. It differs from other brand valuation studies in that it includes worldwide, quantitative consumer research along with the calculations of brand financial value and brand contribution.