HR Analysis Cut to 7 Seconds

Foto: SAP
SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott (middle),  Eric Duffaut, president Ecosystem & Channels at SAP (left), Robert Enslin, SAP Global Managing Board, and the winners of the 2013 SAP Pinnacle Award. (Photo: SAP)

Winner of the 2013 SAP Pinnacle Award for Analytics Co-innovation Partner of the Year, Shanghai DataCVG Co., Ltd. (DataCVG) is China’s leading business intelligence (BI) vendor, known for bringing a proactive and innovative approach to analytics to drive customer value and deliver new solutions to the market. Founded in 2005 as a computer software company, DataCVG focuses its efforts on information management and business intelligence, specifically business intelligence consulting and implementation services for customers across a range of industries, including retail, trading, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector.

Since its inception, the company has aimed to be China’s top service provider for business intelligence. To achieve this goal, DataCVG has not only collaborated with well-known management consulting firms to provide solutions for customers, but has also built up its own management consulting and business analysis team. DataCVG has successfully accomplished business intelligence implementation projects for many of China’s large enterprises and is highly esteemed in the local market. If you ask Barry Chen, CEO  of DataCVG, why this company can move so fast, he will say, “This is because of our core values at the company. Since we started, we built up this company with passion, integrity, professionalism, and innovation – and we believe these core values are guiding us to achieve excellence.”

Managing project risk with SAP Quality Program

In keeping with these values, DataCVG joined the SAP Partner Quality Program, one of a series of quality services provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery, in March 2012. The goal of the program, which is based on SAP’s 10 Quality Principles, is to improve quality throughout the project lifecycle, as well as to increase customer satisfaction, and minimize risks and escalations during the project. After a series of rigorous audits and quality reviews, DataCVG achieved accreditation from the program in November 2012 for its demonstrated commitment to quality in its customer projects.

The implementation project at the world’s second largest diesel engine manufacturer

Business Intelligence functions run on SAP HANA

Overview of the business benefits

When asked about the value gained from SAP’s Quality Program, Barry Chen said, “This program helped us to build up standard risk assessment processes, both in the bid and delivery cycles. By implementing the processes, we increased risk awareness among project managers. Now, we can control risks in a timely manner, and we also have improved project efficiency and delivery quality – as a result, customer satisfaction also has improved rapidly.”

Last year, DataCVG led the business intelligence implementation project for the world’s second largest diesel engine manufacturer, Guangxi Yuchai Group. Based on the SAP HANA platform, this project covered the business areas of human resources, sales, finance, budgeting, and planning. The business objectives of this implementation were to:

  1. Establish a thematic analysis of the management indicators
  2. Establish a specific wealth-management cockpit dashboard and report system
  3. Deepen business analysis and improve the management of agility

The reason that the Guangxi Yuchai Group selected DataCVG was because of its leading position in business intelligence implementations and its rich experience.

SAP HANA implementation team faced business requirements challenge

The project at Guangxi Yuchai Group launched on November 5, 2012. It was phased with 2 months of business requirement analysis, and 2 months of realization and final preparation. In the implementation cycle, the DataCVG implementation team faced several challenges, such as unclear business requirements. The DataCVG team used a rapid prototyping method with advanced analysis tools to guide the key users to input their business requirements in a clear and structured way. As this was also the first SAP HANA implementation project for DataCVG, the project team also faced some technical issues, but the issues were solved with the support of SAP Consulting and quick uptake by the DataCVG team.

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Finally, the project team completed the R3 – SLT – HANA deployment successfully and ensured the follow-up development smoothly. In addition, during the project, the project quality management committees performed regular reviews of project deliverables to ensure the quality of the development and acceptance of the project. With all requirements in place, the new solution went live in early March 2013.

After 1 month of go-live support, all business intelligence functions now run smoothly on the SAP HANA platform and the new system has achieved high recognition from the top management team. Ping Yan, chairman of the board, and Qiwei Wu, general manager, evaluated the project positively, saying, “This project provides decision-makers with a real-time, accurate, efficient platform for intelligent decisions, and can provide an actual overview of the group status to the senior management team. SAP HANA really helps us to convert a huge amount of data to improve management efficiency of the Yuchai Group, thus enhancing overall control, and accelerating the group’s development in a health and fast way.”

SAP HANA improves data query speed and efficiency

Yuchai CIO Geshao Wei and the manager of information technology department section, Junmin Liao, believe that SAP HANA has improved the efficiency of data queries. And from the perspective of project implementation, SAP HANA has simplified the traditional ETL work in the business intelligence project, shortened the overall project implementation cycle, and reduced TCO.”

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Currently, there are more than 100 reports and cockpits running on the SAP HANA platform, which bring the following benefits to the business:

  • Return business analysis back to the business user, rather than technical user
  • Speed up the information along the commodity value chain
  • Reduce losses caused by delayed enterprise management information
  • Monitor the sales order process in real-time and improve agile management
  • Gain real-time insight in sales/production/financial performance
  • Reduce analysis of human resources from 15 minutes to 7 seconds.

In the next step, DataCVG will help Yuchai Group extend the business analysis in the core business areas of production, purchasing, inventory, and plant management by using SAP HANA to perform comprehensive analysis for end-to-end business processes.