Big Data Guiness World Record: Fun Facts

Five years after setting a Guinness World RecordSAP Sybase IQ has done it again. Version 16 hit a record for loading and indexing big data, realizing an audited result of 34.3 terabytes per hour – over double the previous record set at 14 terabytes per hour.

The new record easily eclipses previously published data loading results from within the industry for single-rack solutions, exhibiting the unprecedented ability to load and analyze 823 terabytes per day and 5.7 petabytes per week of structured and unstructured big data with SAP Sybase IQ 16. What does that mean?

  • In printed matter, Sybase IQ could load the entire collection of the Library of Congress in under 35 minutes.
  • In skyscrapers, if one floor of the Empire State Building equaled one terabyte, then Sybase IQ could buildeight Empire State Buildings a day, 56 a week, and 2,920 in a year.
  • One petabyte is approximately 13.3 years of HD TV content, meaning Sybase IQ could load and analyze76 years’ worth of True Blood episodes per week.

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This post originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.