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SAP Student Academy is a new joint initiative between SAP Education and SAP University Alliances, which aims to enable companies that use SAP software to find and recruit SAP-certified graduates straight out of university. Its online training program consists chiefly of E-Academy courses from SAP Education which are used by SAP consultants when preparing for certification and by SAP project teams to expand their knowledge. What makes this initiative so exciting is that universities can now incorporate the training program into their own curricula. Members of the academic community with whom SAP Education and SAP University Alliances have strong ties are already embracing SAP student Academy.

SAP Education and SAP University Alliances plan to make the courses available at more than 1,350 universities worldwide. Once students have completed the online seminars, they can access a training server to test their knowledge in an SAP environment. If they have questions, they can request support from a tutor at SAP Education. They also have access to an e-learning subscription library. Mary Bazemore, Vice President of Operations, Partners & Portfolio at SAP Education, explains the benefits of SAP Student Academy for companies that deploy SAP software.

Tremendous time and cost savings How does a company benefit from recruiting an employee who has attained SAP certification from SAP Student Academy?

Mary Bazemore: Basically, the company can save significant time and money. Training a graduate recruit from scratch takes four to six weeks. New recruits who have gained SAP certification while still at university are already well equipped for their new tasks and can start working productively almost immediately.

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Could you give us an example of the learning content offered by the SAP Student Academy? What courses are on offer for SAP HANA?

There are many usage scenarios for SAP HANA, so we’ll be offering several different courses on this subject. So far, we have devised a course that covers implementation and modeling. It equips students with knowledge about using SAP HANA for in-memory analyses: How do you set SAP HANA up? How do you consolidate data from different sources? When it comes to the SAP Business Suite, which is also available on SAP HANA, we expect to offer programs in SAP Student Academy starting next year. These will include initial real-life experiences of working with SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA.

SAP certification in LinkedIn profile

How will universities incorporate SAP Student Academy’s online courses into their curricula?

There are various options available. One model involves offering students complete SAP certification as part of their degree program. Another alternative is for universities to integrate individual modules of SAP Student Academy into study programs as additional content. In this model, students do not receive SAP certification, but they gain in-depth knowledge about deploying SAP solutions. To help employees see exactly what additional qualifications a graduate has, we are planning to introduce a new online portal to verify certification credentials later this summer. Students who have attained SAP certification can enter the details in the portal and have their certification confirmed by SAP. They can then link the confirmed certification into their LinkedIn profile.

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How long will it take a student to complete an SAP Student Academy course?

Our courses are based on the E-Academy offerings, which are designed for working professionals. They are constructed in such a way that employees can complete them while working full time. Assuming about four to six hours of effective learning time per day, students will need to invest about one to one-and-a-half days per week.

University graduates with certification to enter workforce in early 2014

When will the program begin?

We are currently holding discussions with universities all over the world and we hope to complete our agreements by the end of July. We want to make the first SAP Student Academy courses available to coincide with the start of the new semester later this year, and we expect the first university graduates with SAP certification to enter the workforce in the spring of 2014.