Sales Management with Cloud

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

Last week in Shanghai, SAP and China Talent Group jointly announced the official launch of the ITAS System, a cloud platform for sales management based on the SAP Mobile Platform. As an industry-leading provider of human resource management and business process outsourcing services, China Talent Group will use the ITAS System to help customers systemically and effectively manage their front-line sales force. This is especially useful for companies in highly competitive industries such as the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Thanks to the cloud platform’s high scalability and fast implementation, management teams will be able to master their business workflow and obtain competitive advantages.

Wang Ligang, general manager of China Talent Group, which is the first partner of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HR BPO in China, said, “Front-line sales have been a major challenge for enterprises. A large number of local companies still lack effective control of their front-line sales staff. Based on our decades of experience, we developed the ITAS System by adopting SAP’s world leading mobile technologies. We fully acknowledge SAP’s superior business applications, extensive customer cognitive abilities and strong technical support. Now, we’ve started to work with major local telecom carriers to promote this innovation platform to more types of customers in more vertical industries.”

Mobile technology replacing traditional information access

Arics Poon, vice president, general manager, Ecosystem and Channels for SAP Greater China, said, “Mobile technology is overthrowing traditional access to information. As a pioneer, innovator, and market leader in mobility, SAP has always been committed to closely cooperating with ecosystem partners and developers to provide enterprises with an open infrastructure, helping them gain flexibility and enabling them to adopt the most suitable mobile strategies. The ITAS system jointly developed by SAP and the China Talent Group is a demonstration of our commitment to co-innovation and win-win results with local enterprises.”

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Accurate, real-time data for better decision making

In highly competitive industries – like FMCG, promotion, supervision, and project management – personnel are the final implementers of market strategies. Despite a broad sales coverage, many enterprises have seen extreme difficulties in staff management, lack of efficient execution capacity in front-line sales, and low return on investment. To solve these problems, the ITAS System offers a broad range of functions, such as schedule management, field management, data collection and analysis. It enables employees to receive daily work arrangements through mobile devices. Moreover, the ITAS System provides real-time and accurate data for the top management to make decisions and improve performance. In addition, ITAS’s cloud platform technology enables enterprises to rent the system on a person-per-month basis.

The ITAS System will also benefit enterprises in the following areas:

  • Enterprises can cut costs and enhance sales: It reasonably allocates front-line sales, which helps to effectively cut down human and management costs  by roughly 9% and enhance sales by nearly 5%;
  • Sales promotion personnel can optimize their working time, and optimize allocation: It increases the attendance rate of staff, which improves the effectiveness of training to 100%, and enhances the crisis response speed by 60;
  • Front-line sales managers can enhance management efficiency and management results: It boosts the daily work completion rate to nearly 100% and the accuracy rate of data submission by 8%.

Built on the SAP Mobile Platform

The entire ITAS System is built on the SAP Mobile Platform. Supporting the development of multiple mobile application programs, the platform helps enterprises migrate data and business flow to such devices as smart phones, tablets and mobile PCs. In addition, the ITAS System also integrates the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution.