SAP Extends SAP HANA Further Into the Ecosystem

SAP-HANA_OEMsMIAMI — SAP AG today announced that three original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners can now deliver their solutions running on the SAP HANA platform. OEM partners AlertEnterprise, Clockwork and PROS will offer their customers access to real-time data and game-changing solutions with SAP HANA, a real-time in-memory technology platform from SAP. The partnerships build on the momentum of the company’s OEM partner base in North America and reaffirm its commitment to providing partners with industry-leading innovations designed to help enterprises and their customers run better. The announcement was made at the SAP Americas Partner Leadership Summit held July 29-30 in Miami.

“Our customers require real-time data to detect and prevent potential security threats,” said Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO, AlertEnterprise. “By embedding SAP HANA into our solutions, AlertEnterprise can give customers the power to access data in significantly less time with a unique and innovative set of offerings. SAP HANA consolidates existing processes, replacing rules engine and complex event processing engines that lead to higher data throughput and performance. SAP is a leader in in-memory technology and enables AlertEnterprise to co-innovate solutions, making our partnership an easy choice that benefits our customers.”

OEM partners are leveraging embedded analytics and the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA to unlock the power of data and enable optimized and innovative business processes. SAP has quadrupled the total number of OEM partners licensing SAP HANA in the first six months of 2013 compared to the last six months of 2012, demonstrating strong partner adoption in North America and globally. With the help of this technology, OEM partners are equipped to play an increasingly critical role in helping organizations of all sizes identify, purchase, implement and run ideal solutions to address unique business needs.

“We have already seen greater adoption of SAP HANA within our ecosystem, and the OEM space will serve as a critical piece in delivering this game-changing solution to customers of all sizes in North America,” said said John Graham, head of Ecosystems & Channels, SAP Americas. “Our OEM partners are leaders in their markets, and by running SAP HANA, they can help end users be more flexible, faster and knowledgeable about their business. Through these partnerships, SAP demonstrates the symbiotic relationship it has with its ecosystem. We work hand-in-hand with partners and they clearly see the limitless opportunities SAP HANA can provide.”

SAP works closely and intensively with developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators, software resellers and startups to leverage enablement tools and resources and tap into the power of SAP HANA.

“Expanding our OEM partnership with SAP is a natural next step in our efforts in growing Clockwork’s business with our Insight LCM platform,” said Joe Berti, CEO, Clockwork. “Bringing SAP HANA to our products and customers enhances the predictive analytics capabilities for our enterprise asset management solutions. We expect that our customers will be able to generate ‘future bigger data’ by sourcing, collecting, cleaning, correcting, completing and categorizing critical asset performance data used in predictive analytics. This will allow them to optimize parts ordering and maintenance scheduling. Continuing our work as an SAP partner helps ensure that our customers have the resources to help their businesses improve operations and achieve growth.”

“By extending our partnership with SAP, we continue to innovate and develop our products by leveraging the power of SAP HANA,” said Andres Reiner, president and CEO, PROS. “With SAP HANA, customers will be able to use real-time data science to identify sales opportunities that are most likely to close, offers that are most likely to sell, and prices that are more likely to win. PROS and SAP share a common goal of empowering the customer with tools designed to result in faster, more informed actions that help drive growth and overall business performance. SAP is a proven leader in real-time, in-memory analytics, and we are pleased to increase our collaboration with them as an OEM partner.”

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