SAP Helps Vodafone Czech Republic Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Managing International SMS Delivery


SAP_VodafoneCRPRAGUE — SAP today announced that Vodafone Czech Republic has joined the growing number of operators connected to the SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365 mobile service, streamlining international delivery of SMS for improved customer satisfaction while helping maximize revenues. SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365 offers unprecedented flexibility for mobile operators.

By selecting the most cost-effective and high-quality SMS route, anywhere in the world, the cloud service enables mobile operators to have the best of both worlds — bilateral connectivity with valued partners and the convenience of a completely outsourced, hub-based SMS interworking solution to complete the coverage across the globe, connecting 990 operators to reach 6.1 billion subscribers across 210 countries.

“The SAP Mobile Services organization has been managing SMS hubbing for many years and we are seeing a significant shift in the approach,” said Mark Weait, vice president, Sales, SAP Mobile Services. “More and more of our customers prefer to connect through SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365, which gives them the advantage to utilize their investment in existing connections and grow their reach with our hubbing capabilities. Vodafone Czech Republic is one of the first installations in Europe and we plan to grow the business across EMEA.”

“SAP Intelligent Hubbing 365 has improved the scale of our SMS connectivity,” said Colin Shea, vice president, Strategy, Vodafone Czech Republic. “We now see a higher number of SMS messages successfully delivered internationally, which has resulted in greater customer satisfaction. The in-built mobile number portability feature also helps ensure a more accurate message delivery even if customers have switched to another network.”

SAP Mobile Services, a division of SAP, is a global leader in mobile interconnection and mobile consumer engagement services. It provides mobile operators with unparalleled capabilities in global messaging interconnect, data roaming and an array of IPX-based services and enables enterprises to engage with their consumers through innovative mobile marketing and communication solutions. SAP Mobile Services helps businesses process 1.8 billion messages per day, reaching more than 990 operators and 6.1 billion subscribers across 210 countries.

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