Cloud-Based HR Solutions


The sky’s the limit, it seems, for cloud-based human resources (HR) technology.  A whopping 57 percent of businesses plan to implement new HR or talent management systems in the next 18 months, according to research from analyst firm Bersin by Deloitte. Why the surge in demand? Businesses are keen to replace on-premise legacy systems with solutions in the cloud, and for good reason:

  • Cloud-based systems free companies from the need for onerous and frequent upgrades, as system enhancements are handled by the vendor.
  • HR applications in the cloud are modular and configurable (versus customizable) and can be easily adapted to accommodate changing business conditions.
  • Cloud solutions generally offer simple, intuitive, and compelling UIs modeled after the consumer experience.
  • The research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that the vast majority of organizations currently operate and maintain multiple HR systems – and that they want to consolidate. Cloud-based technology offers an attractive single-vendor option: complete cloud-based solutions are affordable, deploy quickly, and don’t require hardware.
  • Integrated talent analytics can help companies transform their talent strategies to boost the bottom line.

Cloud-based HR: SAP SuccessFactors offers flexibility

Whether a company wants to “rip and replace” its traditional on-premise system with a unified cloud solution for HR and talent management, or enjoy the benefits of cloud talent-management technology while keeping core HR intact, SuccessFactors cloud-based solutions can help businesses of all sizes, in any industry, to ensure organizational alignment, optimize people performance, and use workforce insight to gain competitive advantages.

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For the enterprise, SuccessFactors offers an integrated suite of talent management solutions – including Learning; Performance & Goals; Recruiting; Compensation; Succession & Development; Workforce Planning; Workforce Analytics embedded with key business data, benchmarks, and best practices;  SAP Jam to take human capital management (HCM) social and improve collaboration; SuccessFactors Mobile for anytime, anywhere access; and Employee Central, a next generation core HR system to tie it all together.

SuccessFactors scales to meet the needs of the largest organizations and the smallest. Components of the enterprise suite are adapted to meet the needs of small and medium-size business (SMB), those with 200 to 1,250 employees: Learning for SMB; Performance & Goals for SMB; Recruiting for SMB; Compensation for SMB;  Employee Central for SMB; Succession & Development for SMB; and SAP Jam for SMB.

Value-priced bundles and solution sets for small companies

Customers can choose from a complete suite or several value-priced solution bundles aligned with a variety of with short- and long-term strategy goals. And as needs grow, businesses can easily add modules for compensation, recruiting, and collaboration.

For companies with fewer than 200 employees, SuccessFactors Professional Edition offers a solution set to help align employee performance with company goals, to focus and engage workers, and to measure their progress. Key components are Company Information; Employee Profiles; Goal Management; Performance Management; Reports and Dashboards; and SAP Jam. Professional Edition includes a simple setup wizard for easy implementation.