Most-Read Articles in July

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Photo: contrastwerkstatt – readers are always keen to read about the latest nifty apps. And according to our click statistics for July, reader interest is showing no sign of abating. Our article highlighting five apps for smartphones topped our list of the most-read articles by a considerable margin. In second spot was our interview about the new SAP Student Academy, indicating that the search for qualified IT recruits is still a hot topic for our readers.

Here are the top five articles from July:

The Top Apps for July 2013

Save digital passwords, check what private data apps actually pass on, and get to grips with SAP terminology

Graduates with SAP Certification

A saving of four to six weeks on training graduate recruits: This was SAP’s promise to prospective employers when it introduced the SAP Student Academy in mid-June.

eBay – Big Data with SAP HANA

Online auction giant leverages Predictive Analytics on SAP HANA to help sellers build their businesses and grow the eBay marketplace without bogging down analysts.

Showcasing SAP Through Sports

Using SAP software in sports not only helps fans keep track of facts and figures; it also makes the brand more tangible for the consumer.

Tips on Software Usability

Companies need software that users understand, but that’s not always a given, says usability expert Jan Borchers.