New High Availability and Disaster Recovery Functionality Helps Ensure Critical SAP Applications are Always Available to Organizations

SAP-Sybase_ASE-Rep-Server_standbyWALLDORF — SAP AG today announced the availability of the new high availability and disaster recovery functionality of SAP  Sybase  Replication Server  for SAP  Business Suite software running on SAP  Sybase  Adaptive Server  Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE). The low impact, warm standby solution uses database replication software for high-speed transaction log replication that enables real-time failover to a secondary site and failback to the primary site when operation is restored.

The new functionality provides rock-solid disaster recovery, helping SAP Business Suite applications running on SAP Sybase ASE avoid the cost and business risks of downtime during system disruptions, such as database upgrades, hardware failure, power outages, natural disaster or human error. SAP has achieved this capability limiting disruption and impact to performance for production environments of SAP Business Suite based on an extensible architecture rather than simply automating database transaction log backup and restore.

“SAP Business Suite customers already enjoy the performance, scalability and resiliency of SAP Sybase ASE,” said Peter Thawley, vice president and general manager, Global Database Solutions, SAP. “With SAP Sybase Replication Server, those customers now have the ability to easily create an integrated, highly available environment that allows them to continue to operate at full speed while mission-critical business data is synchronized continuously to a warm standby, enabling a near zero downtime environment, should the production system fail for any reason. This is a new and exciting example of how we are helping customers innovate without disruption to their SAP Business Suite production system.”

Log-based transactional replication technology in SAP Sybase Replication Server creates a secondary site or multiple secondary sites at any distance from the primary site without degrading the performance of the primary site, keeping the data safe while enabling it to be where an organization needs it to be. The technology empowers users with the ability to distribute and synchronize data across geographies to multiple systems, provide real-time availability of application data for reporting servers and data warehouses and migrate data to new databases, hardware or OS platforms, all while supporting industry regulations requiring strict transaction tracking.

SAP Sybase Replication Server is available immediately for both new and existing runtime customers of SAP Sybase ASE at no additional cost.

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