Rich Career Opportunities

The Mandarin Oriental in Munich (Photo: Mandarin Oriental)

Mandarin Oriental is a fast-growing luxury hotel group. When it needed workers who can speak Arabic for its new hotels in the Middle East, it used software by SuccessFactors to identify just the people it was looking for from among its own staff. “We can run queries that would have been incredibly hard to handle without our present system,” says Jacqueline Moyse, head of organizational development.

Mandarin Oriental first deployed software from SuccessFactors in 2007. Its first module was a performance assessment platform; subsequently it added succession planning solutions. It is using its software to gain a full overview of all its employees at the more than 30 hotels it operates worldwide.

Discovering talent within the company with SuccessFactors tools

Moyse says that Mandarin Oriental’s regions had been silos. The HR department in one region couldn’t see anything about the staff in any other region. Now they can do global personnel planning with SuccessFactors software. They can see which employees have which skills, anywhere in the world. If a Mandarin Oriental hotel is looking for new people with a particular skillset, HR can check inside the company first. If they find someone who may be suitable, they ask them whether they would consider moving – even to another country.

That gives Mandarin Oriental’s employees richer career opportunities and saves HR a lot of work.

SuccessStory: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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