The Data Center at Your Fingertips

Foto: SAP
Photo: SAP

A data center is a high-security structure. SAP’s data centers in Walldorf and nearby St. Leon-Rot process not only the company’s own data – which alone would more than justify their existence – but also data belonging to many of  SAP’s cloud customers. These companies entrust SAP with their information, not least because they expect it to be processed more securely and reliably in an SAP data center than in a customer-operated server park.

Take a virtual tour of the data center to find out just how secure modern data centers like SAP’s are and the day-to-day effort that goes into keeping customer data safe in the cloud.

Topics include:

–         Data underway in the cloud: Business customers can choose the level of security protecting the data they send to, or pull from, the cloud. Follow the data as it moves through the cloud.

–         The SAP Cloud: When SAP launched SAP R/2 onto the market more than 40 years ago, the concept of the cloud was not even a pipe dream. SAP entered the cloud computing space in 2004 with SAP Business ByDesign, which began as a solution for small and midsize enterprises and gradually became suitable for use by bigger companies, too. Now, the latest addition, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, finally empowers large corporations to run their mission-critical applications in a managed cloud.

–         Cloud applications – outsource or do it yourself?: Operating a data center is not a core competence for most companies. So it’s likely they’ll consider running their applications in the cloud.  Compare on-premise, hosting, and the cloud.

Certification of data centers and cloud operations

–         SAP runs SAP: SAP tests its software itself before releasing products to the market.

–         Certification of data centers and cloud operations: Experts from the German technical service association TÜV and auditors from KPMG, for example, regularly inspect the data center technology to verify its compliance with ISO, ISAE, SSAE, and similar standards. So data center operators and their customers can rest assured that the data is handled properly. Nothing is left to chance.

The virtual data center provides a unique visual insight on the subject – with expert interviews on SAP TV, exclusive photos inside the high-tech buildings, and informative graphics.

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