The Top Apps for August 2013

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Our top apps for August:

 1. SAP Customer Loyalty from SAP

2. SAP Sales Manager from SAP

3. CEOtab from Nearshoring

4. Whereismytime from Whereismytime

5. Weave from Intuit

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SAP Customer Loyalty from SAP

The mobile application SAP Customer Loyalty from SAP shows the way ahead that many retailers are likely to tread. Customers and store operators are becoming more closely connected. This not only means simpler payment and ordering processes, but also allows the store to better adapt to customer requirements. SAP has been providing the retail industry with modern retail solutions for many years. These offer new options for identifying customer needs by deploying measures such as customer loyalty programs and customer incentives in the SAP system. These programs specifically focus on customer needs prior to the purchase, which ultimately benefits both parties: retailers can optimize their portfolios, and in return can offer the customer better prices and loyalty programs. With its Android and iOS app, SAP Customer Loyalty now takes this system to the next level. By installing the app, customers can access their personal customer program with the retailer – for example a supermarket – on their cell phone. Within their account, they will find tailored offers that can be claimed in store by showing the barcode displayed in the app. The app also displays specific product information, and allows customers to create shopping lists and request lists. Even existing loyalty card systems from third-party providers can easily be imported into the app. Watch this exciting video clip:

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad

You can find the App here:

SAP Store


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SAP Sales Manager from SAP

SAP has released a new version of “Sales Manager,” the mobile Sales iOS app for in-house CRM processes. The app’s all-round performance applies to all levels of the sales process. The proactive, mobile functions have been significantly increased, while the “read-only” elements have been reduced. This means far more changes and operations can now be organized and performed on the move. This applies to areas such as customer fact sheets, data attachments, discounts, as well as follow-ups and surveys; a number of new fields have been added for mobile data input, which automatically access the company’s CRM system. In addition, the offline functionality ensures that all changes made while the device is not connected to the Internet become effective as soon as it is online again. The calendar has also been updated with a new function in the integrated card system: “Near Me” shows data and campaigns in the user’s current geographical location, offering increased flexibility in the field agent’s day-to-day work. As promised by SAP, mobile purchase order processes and process management functions have also been significantly developed.

Platform: iPhone/iPad


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CEOtab from Nearshoring

The Android and iOS app CEOtab is a creative assistant for day-to-day office use for those who need to display figures and relationships. Users can create bar charts, pie charts, and diagrams according to their specific preferences in an instant. Data can be copied from MS Excel and CSV files and pasted into an integrated spreadsheet analysis, which can then also be used to create personalized tables. In many respects, CEOtab is very similar to Excel, which helps with familiarization. Undo and preview functions, for example, make the app a very practical solution. Unlike its Microsoft cousin, however, the process is solely dedicated to displaying charts in the business environment, which are created on a step-by-step basis. All graphs can be exported or saved to a cloud platform. Available only in English, the app CEOtab provides practical group functions, although the multiuser variant incurs a charge. Registration is required.

Platform: Android/iPhone/iPad

 Link (iOS)

Link (Android) 

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Whereismytime from Whereismytime

These days, monitoring software doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. For Whereismytime, however, this is clearly not the case: The Android app enjoys extremely good reviews, perhaps not least because it is used for self-monitoring only, which can prove very useful in day-to-day mobile business life. Once Whereismytime is activated, the application records every location that the user has visited with his or her mobile device throughout the day, including the length of time spent at each location. In order to save battery power, the manufacturer notes that the app does not use the device’s GPS function, but rather locates its position via the WLAN function. The user specifies the preferred accuracy and period, and the data is output in the form of a map and statistics. A paid premium version is ad-free, and offers advanced reporting functions.

Platform: Android


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Weave from Intuit

The iPhone/iPad app Weave is an excellently executed app that focuses on the much-cited trend “Consumerization of IT”, which refers to the blurring of professional and personal life. Weave helps manage apparently every conceivable challenge, regardless of whether it relates to professional or private matters. The app integrates a number of functions including a day planner, project management, collaboration functions, and a travel manager. Projects can be created, related tasks can be planned and allocated (and checked off when complete), and e-mails detailing specific tasks can be sent to other “non-Weave users” including response links. Even budgets and income/expenses can be integrated. Another practical function is the sync function, which automatically synchronizes iPad and iPhone data. Users are always up-to-date with the latest developments for every project – whether it’s a business project, personal matter, or a business trip, detailing who has done what, and what’s still outstanding. The app is available only in English, and has received excellent user reviews.

Platform: iPhone/iPad