Flexible Learning in the Cloud

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When it comes to technology innovation, developing and delivering new solutions isn’t enough. Giving customers and partners updated training on how to use innovations is equally important. Studies from research firm IDC reveal that 80 percent of IT managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project, while 75 percent of IT managers believe effective training increases the chances of a project meeting its deadline.* For a global software company like SAP, training and education is an integral part of the solutions it develops and delivers.

SAP Education trains nearly 500,000 people each year so that they understand how to get the most value out of innovations including SAP HANA, mobile, and cloud.  As part of the SAP Services organization, SAP Education provides training, education, and certification on SAP solutions to customers and partners via live classroom environments, mobile learning applications, and online learning options.

Flexible learning meets demands for faster training

The cloud-based SAP Learning Hub exemplifies how SAP Education is helping customers and partners learn in an age of fast-paced innovation. Widely used across the SAP partner ecosystem, including pilot customer Capgemini, SAP Learning Hub provides 24/7 access to a complete repository of the latest training content for all SAP solutions – electronic handbooks, e-learning titles, and expert online knowledge products.

*IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IT Education and Training 2013 Vendor Analysis by Cushing Anderson, Doc # 239139

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“Corporate training needs to change as organizations are becoming more global, mobile, and increasingly focused on flexible ways of working,” says Markus Schwarz, Senior Vice President and global head of SAP Education. “SAP Learning Hub gives project teams and the SAP workforce within an organization access to an enablement solution that meets the needs for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning. That’s why SAP Education likes to think of SAP Learning Hub as an enablement insurance policy that provides value to organizations year-round.”

More efficient, scalable training

Customers and partners are using SAP Learning Hub to maintain or expand knowledge in an existing area of expertise, or even within a new one. For example, SAP ERP Financials experts can improve their SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application knowledge by accessing the course content available on the platform. Partners, in particular, are using the hub for quick access to the latest SAP release knowledge, accelerating their go-to-market activities with new innovation topics.

The learning tool also supports project evaluation and preparation, in-project and day-to-day knowledge retrieval, and reconfiguring the skill sets of consulting practices. Most importantly, partners use SAP Learning Hub to prepare for SAP certification, and to train instructors for internal workshops.

“With technologies like cloud, mobile devices, and learning software, SAP Education can train people and reconfigure their skills much faster, more efficiently, and in a more scalable way than we were able to do five years ago,” Markus says.

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There’s no question that corporate training and education is undergoing a transformation. Companies need to train and retrain very large audiences quickly. Self-study, informal learning, and learning within social communities are emerging to complement traditional classroom environments. At the same time, e-content and social collaboration are replacing the static content of handbooks and binders.

SAP is at the forefront of this transformation, not only with SAP Learning Hub but also via massive open online courses (MOOCs), such as Khan Academy and openSAP. In addition, more than 60,000 people are trained via SAP Education’s e-learning and SAP E-Academy offerings every year. SAP Education recently introduced the SAP Certification Crowd Authoring Program, a crowd-sourcing initiative that encourages individuals who hold an SAP certification to contribute to SAP certification exams by submitting questions for future exams. The pilot program is currently gathering community-created questions for SAP HANA certification exams.

Cloud-based learning becoming the norm

Flexible, cloud-based learning is fast becoming the norm as the technology industry and its customers realize the benefits. Accelerated training in SAP skills is already a strategic enabler for the company’s growth ambitions, especially to quickly increase skillsets in emerging markets. Having customers and partners with the understanding and knowledge to embrace and adopt SAP innovation as it rolls out is a pre-requisite for success. Bringing training and education into the digital age is everyone’s priority.

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