HR Software Helps Teacher Development

Foto: Knowledgeuniverse
Foto: Knowledgeuniverse

Knowledge Universe, a leading private education company with 10,000 teachers worldwide working with children up to the age of six, knows how to foster a strong learning and development environment for students – and teachers. To strengthen teaching as a desirable and respected profession, the company is committed to developing and implementing well-researched curricula and personal development resources that promote teaching excellence. When the company needed a comprehensive, scalable human resources (HRIS) software solution that was easy to use for teachers across its network of preschools in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, it chose SuccessFactors Enterprise Suite for a number of reasons.

SuccessFactors Enterprise Suite: The right platform from the get-go

As a young company with no legacy systems, Knowledge Universe wanted to get the platform correct from the start. So it selected the entire SuccessFactors Enterprise Suite. Phase one began with core HR from Employee Central, Performance and Goal Management, and social collaboration with Jam. Phase two will incorporate Learning, Recruiting, and Compensation followed by Workforce Analytics.

In this video, Rupert Brown, Vice President of Human Resources, explains why the company chose SuccessFactors as both an easy to use and strategic solution.

SuccessStory: Knowledge Universe

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Employee Central was vital to the company’s ability to harmonize data from enterprise resource planning, financials, and customer relationship management systems as the foundation for the SuccessFactors HR modules. Brown says that he realized SuccessFactors was going to make a big impact on the business when they conducted the first performance calibration session with the senior leadership team after the implementation of Performance and Goal Management. “It was the first time our business had ever run a process like that, and when they actually got to work with HR data at a strategic level, you could see the lights go on, and the senior leaders bought into the process and were delighted with what it could do.”

From the teachers’ perspective, ease of use was just as important. “For [our teachers], working with software will only happen when the user interface is incredibly intuitive. They don’t have a lot of computers in the schools but every teacher has an iPhone. For us, getting a product that looked like it was iPhone-compatible was crucial,” says Brown.

Software: Look and feel is crucial, too

Knowledge Universe is proving that not only is it possible for HR to impact the business, but it’s the new imperative for companies that want to attract and retain top talent. With assistance from SuccessFactors, this early childhood educator has added a whole new dimension to its strategic vision, developing their teachers for a brighter future as well.