SAP Gathers Insights on Buying Behavior

Foto: iStock
Foto: iStock

There’s a hint of fall in the air. The first leaves are falling. And, football is back. It must be back-to-school shopping season – one of the most important ones for retailers, and one of the more unique ones for consumers.

SAP uses social media to uncover trends

Using its Social Media Analytics tool, SAP has tracked and analyzed more than 600,000 conversations across Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels to gain valuable insight into back-to-school consumer buying patterns.

This Big Data analysis reveals some interesting findings on how retailers can analyze social sentiment to uncover buying trends, and how they can effectively forecast to meet consumer demand. The results can be seen in the infographic of this article.

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Below are the top three findings of the analysis:

1. Kids aren’t the only ones worried about going back to school. As the first day of school approaches, the more anxious and worried parents become. Parents react positively to ads that focus on sales and deals, and negatively to commercials that only serve as a reminder of the season. Retailer Insight: Focus promotions around deals and sales to reduce shopper anxiety.

2. Families prefer to do their back-to-school shopping together in-store. Retailer Insight: Make promotions valid on-line and in-store.

Timing is key

3. Families tackle the most expensive purchases like electronic and apparel first, while conversations about less expensive purchases like school supplies increase in late August. Retailer Insight: Continue timing your promotions to match the buying seasons of different product categories.

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