Shades of Gray: Analyze Social Media Voting Sentiments Just Before the German Election

Top terms WordcloudSocial media has revolutionized the way people consume and share information, opinions and emotion, and the world of politics is no exception.

Will the German election be a neck-in-neck race between CDU/FDP and SPD/The “Green” party? Will there be the “great coalition”?  Will the “Alternative for Germany (AFD) party enter the Bundestag thanks to protest votes? Who is popular, who is thought-provoking? What is really going on, beyond black and white? Which terms dominate the election? Which topics and emotions matter most? The most intriguing answers are in the shades between black and white.

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase mirrors the activities of millions of users and their current sentiments. With the application, it is possible to analyze and contextualize many different dimensions in real time, and visualize them in a compelling way.

Analyzing billions of sets of data from a multitude of different social media sources, this analysis gives colorful insights into the German political landscape just before the election: emotional, authentic and with surprising intersections.

A few highlights:

  • Net sentiment over the last week heading into the election has been overwhelmingly positive, other than on the morning of Sunday, September 15, when it was very low, and again on the afternoon of Monday, September 16. Can this be linked to any specific event?
  • Overall social media activity has been constant over the last week, but it peaked on Sunday, September, 15.
  • Males are the major contributors in social media on the election, with 80 percent of posts from men and 20 percent from women.

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Source: SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase