Sybase IQ: A World Record in Pictures

Graphic: grasundsterne

Version 16.0 of SAP Sybase IQ recently set a new Guinness World Record for loading and indexing Big Data. In cooperation with BMMsoft, HP, and Red Hat, the software managed to load and index 34.3 terabytes of data per hour, thereby shattering the previous five-year-old record of 14 terabytes. The test was based on a data set of documents, transactions, and messages equivalent to the content of 67,000 music CDs. That’s approximately 76 years of uninterrupted musical enjoyment.

Sybase has the ability to load and analyze 823 terabytes of data – both structured and unstructured – per day, which works out as 5.7 petabytes per week. To make it easier to visualize the magnitude of this record, we have translated it into practical examples. For instance, Sybase IQ could load the entire inventory of the Library of Congress in Washington in less than 35 minutes.

Check out the photo gallery below for more examples:





More insights for businesses
Companies don’t value just large amounts of data, but also the information hidden within it. The database software system SAP Sybase IQ for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data marts implements a new, fully parallel data loading capability and next-generation column-store technology. These combine to allow businesses to win insights that were previously impractical or simply impossible. What’s more, the secure and fast analytics server empowers companies to adapt more flexibly to changing business requirements.

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With SAP Sybase IQ, businesses can exploit the full value of massive amounts of data more easily and affordably – at the precise moment of a decision or transaction. With Sybase IQ for BusinessObjects, customers can cut their storage costs by up to 80% and compile reports around 600 times faster. This not only enables them to act more quickly in everyday business situations, but also means that their storage requirements fall by up to 75%.

The gargantuan amounts of data that companies store and process are growing all the time. The following three graphics use one byte to represent one letter on a typewriter, and demonstrate just how much data one petabyte is.





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