The Top Apps for September 2013

Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

Our top apps for September:

 1. TwoGo by SAP AG

2. Social Contact Intelligence by SAP AG

3. CloudCube by srcappsdev

4. Multi Files HD by Alesea Grigoras

5. ATracker by WonderApps AB

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Two Go 800

TwoGo by SAP AG

This spring, SAP launched the TwoGo cloud-based service, a shining example of the “shareconomy” philosophy. The Web site is a quick and easy way for employees to find car sharing partners with similar travel habits and requirements. This saves on gas and is a great way to network and meet other people. Users can register as a driver or passenger. SAP has now extended this cloud service for use on mobile devices by means of Android and iOS apps. The apps provide full access to the user data and preferences saved on the Web, displays all necessary information about rides and routes, and allows room for personal notes and messages. The mobile apps are free of charge. Sign up for TwoGo at

Platform: Android/iOS

You can find the app here:



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Social Contact Intelligence 800

Social Contact Intelligence by SAP AG

Market analysts, the industry, and companies dealing intensively with CRM all agree: modern customer relationship management is most effective when social networks are involved. Yet analyzing customer behavior on Facebook and similar social media channels and turning it into useful and useable form is difficult and technically complicated. SAP recently came up with the answer to this problem, with SAP Social Contact Intelligence. Based on SAP HANA in-memory technology, this new analytic application enables companies to merge customer-related information from Facebook and Twitter with their CRM data quickly and effectively. Social Contact Intelligence links user comments and blogs in Web 2.0, warns you of excessive critique, identifies opinion leaders, and, together with SAP CRM, helps you turn this information into concrete marketing campaigns. Available for iPhone/iPad, the new app lets you display a list of your favorite contacts and their latest feeds, sort search results according to relevance, and view detailed customer information. You can also upload your own comments and trigger follow-up activities while en route.

Watch the following video for more information:

SAP Social Intelligence

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Platform: iOS

You can find the app here:


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CloudCube 800

CloudCube by srcappsdev

“All your Clouds in one place” is how one developer magazine called it – and they couldn’t have been more right. Internet users are normally forced to use multiple cloud storage accounts separately side-by-side. But the CloudCube app for Android has now done away with this problem, merging online storage accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, and Yandex.Disk into a single application. All you need to do is register once for the respective storage account. CloudCube then creates a corresponding directory system containing all the data and folders of the individual services on a clearly structured interface. You can “go wild” with the app here, and modify, upload, download, or synchronize data between the folders and services at will. Particularly handy: thanks to the app’s own synchronization process, which is not affected by “usual” synchronization conflicts, the data is also available offline so it can still be synchronized when you are not connected to the Internet. The app is free of charge.

Platform: Android

You can find the app here:


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Mulitfiles 800

Multi Files HD by Alesea Grigoras

This app for the iPad provides users with a much-sought function: a file explorer on the Apple tablet. It does take some getting used to at first, but ultimately, Multi Files HD gives users the same kind of control and access to data on their iPad as is available with Microsoft Windows Explorer in the Microsoft Windows environment. The app allows users to create file folders, set up secure areas, and copy, move, and rename files. Multi Files HD also offers an integrated full-screen preview function for Microsoft Office files in doc, xls, ppt, and zip format as well as for multimedia content such as img, mp3, or wav files, including preview/playback.

Files can be imported via Dropbox or Box using the iPad picture gallery or camera. The app also comes with its own Internet browser, which of course is very handy if you want to save Internet content directly to your own folder system. The app costs €0.89 and lives up to its promises – you just need to be patient with it.

Platform: iPad

You can find the app here:


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ATracker 800

ATracker by WonderApps AB

Last month, presented Whereismytime, an app that records every location a user visits with his or her mobile device throughout the day. The recently launched ATracker for iPhone/iPad is now enjoying similar popularity. It records your daily activities and the length of time you spend doing them. The user interface is totally flexible and completely customizable. Users begin by first defining the kind of activities they do. As soon as they start a certain activity, they simply have to swipe the appropriate tab on their device, which stops the clock. Swiping again ends the activity/log. The app compiles statistics and reports for each activity which the user can then display at the end of the day or after a predefined time period. It also comes equipped with additional functions such as an activity alarm clock and a teamwork log. A Lite version is available for basic users, while the Pro version has more features.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

You can find the app here: