As Easy as ABC: The Latest from SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Aufmacher1It’s a tradition: every fall, the SAP developer community comes together at SAP TechEd to find out what’s new and what developments there are in the SAP portfolio. On Tuesday morning, Dr. Vishal Sikka, a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG leading products and innovation, welcomed the 6,500 delegates and introduced not one but two Turing award winners to show just how fundamentally the IT world is changing.

ABC Model and the SAP HANA Effect
Pioneer of object-oriented programming Alan Kay spoke to Sikka and the delegates about the ABC model devised by Douglas Engelbart, one of the fathers of the study of human-computer interaction and the inventor of the computer mouse. Put simply, if A processes are the tasks and goals of an organization, it needs B processes to achieve them. The B processes have to be continuously improved by other processes, the C processes. This continuous search for improvement impacts day-to-day business and ultimately affects the A processes, leading to the definition of new tasks and goals and the advancement of the organization as a whole.

According to Sikka, every industry, not just IT, is being fundamentally transformed by technology. Cloud computing, Big Data and mobile are transforming the world. Referring to SAP, Sikka called this the SAP HANA effect: “Great technology always serves to amplify us – just like SAP HANA.” The SAP HANA platform (A) and new, simpler applications (B), and a new concept of how we use data and for what (C) makes all this possible. This means that, without disruption and risk, SAP has to make SAP HANA the platform for all applications and apply the new SAP Fiori user experience to their design.

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