Building Homes with SAP Business One

Photo: SAP TV

Around six million Mexicans can’t afford a decent roof over their heads. Échale a tu casa is a social organization in Mexico that provides low-income families with the means to build their own home. This includes supplying architects specialized in social housing, offering financial help, and providing support during the building process. Communities learn how to produce materials on their own and gain the necessary know-how in construction. What’s more, Échale a tu casa pays them for their work.

SAP donates SAP Business One software

SAP has donated its SAP Business One software to help the charity manage its supply of materials, the training programs, and its finances more efficiently. In addition, SAP partner Avantis has been offering a professional service to install the software free of charge. By June 2014, Échale a tu casa hopes to have helped around 10,000 families – an estimated 50,000 people.

Find out how Échale a tu casa helped this Mexican family of 10 turn its dream of owning a home into reality:

Housing for Families in Need

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