SAP Delivers Big Data-Enabled Applications to Engage With Customers

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NEW YORK — As part of its strategy to help organizations enhance their customer experience and take advantage of social networks, SAP AG today announced the availability of four applications related to customer engagement intelligence and one application for fraud management, powered by the SAP HANA platform for Big Data. The five applications incorporate directly into an organization’s daily operations by giving employees the information they need and integrating into business processes. SAP is making the offerings available for productive and prototype deployments through the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service and is providing free 3-day trials through the recently launched SAP HANA Marketplace. In addition, SAP is collaborating with the International Barcode of Life consortium to create Big Data-enabled applications to protect global biodiversity. The announcement was made at Strata Conference + Hadoop World being held October 28-30 in New York.

“Big Data-enabled applications from SAP cut through the complexity of customers having to cobble together disparate Big Data technologies, and then implementing applications, that integrate into existing core operations,” said Irfan Khan, senior vice president and general manager, Big Data, SAP. “Furthermore, organizations can monetize the value of Big Data far more expediently, by infusing insights directly into an organization’s people and processes.”

Customer Engagement Intelligence
The suite of customer engagement intelligence applications offers comprehensive coverage of how companies manage targeted marketing and sales initiatives as well as the customer relationship. The SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution includes four applications that each handle a different level of personalized customer interaction in the sales, marketing and customer service process. The applications leverage the real-time text analysis and predicative capabilities of the SAP HANA platform and offer access to Big Data insights:

  • SAP Customer Value Intelligence analytic application gives sales and marketing managers real-time strategic customer insight into the true value of their customers, personalized recommendations for cross- and up-selling and closed loop execution.
  • SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting analytic application allows marketing managers to engage customers and help convert prospects by running advanced segmentations on large target populations and distilling insights into focused and personalized marketing campaigns.
  • SAP Social Contact Intelligence analytic application allows marketers to leverage real-time sentiment and contact insights from social media and various internal and external data sources to help fine-tune marketing campaigns and nurture leads and develop new opportunities.
  • SAP Account Intelligence mobile app offers mobile sales teams real-time customer insights and personalized selling recommendations that allow them to create target lists, increase the effectiveness of their sales visits and seize sales opportunities from anywhere.

Fraud Management
Fraud is a growing challenge for any organization dealing with financial transactions, be it external fraud such as claims fraud in the insurance industry or occupational fraud. It is difficult for organizations to recover funds from a fraudulent transaction once payment has occurred, making the identification and investigation of fraud highly time-sensitive. The fraud detection process needs to be much faster and tightly integrated with the business process — as the transaction occurs and before payment is made. Indicators of fraud often exist in data not found in the insurance claim or financial transaction, requiring real-time analysis of supporting documents and other unstructured data. The SAP Fraud Management analytic application brings together multiple data sources in real time, scanning for indicators. The application provides powerful investigation, simulation and analytical capabilities, which help to minimize false positives and quickly adapt fraud detection strategies to new patterns.

SAP Collaborates With International Barcode of Life
The International Barcode of Life is a consortium of institutions across 25 nations including Canada, the United States, Germany and China. Its mission is to create a database containing a DNA-based barcode for every species in the world, with a goal of 500,000 species by the end of 2015. SAP and the consortium are collaborating to build a Big Data-enabled platform and applications to collect, store, analyze and share DNA data of all living species in the world. That platform is intended to help protect global ecosystems and address both environmental and ecological concerns by enabling global diversity surveillance of agro ecosystems, inspecting food quality, identifying endangered species and tracking invading species.

“Creating an open database containing DNA reference sequences for every species is critical to their identification and conservation, and to the protection of global ecosystems,” said Dr. Paul Hebert, Canada Research Chair, Tier 1, and Director, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. “Working with SAP, we are using design thinking to find innovative new ways to use Big Data and mobile technologies to acquire, analyze and share information about species and their habitats on a global scale.”

The first consumer-style application will crowdsource the collection of DNA samples around the world by enabling citizen scientists to provide insect and plant specimens in return for identification and detailed information about their organism. The application represents a first step in a journey toward enabling real-time DNA identification directly from a mobile device, making the acquisition, search and sharing of species’ DNA scalable worldwide. Leveraging current SAP innovation in genome analysis and advanced analytics, Big Data-enabled applications and mobile technology, as well as next-generation sequencing of DNA, the end goal is to provide a platform for real-time insights into DNA samples collected around the world. To learn more about the Barcode of Life project, visit

SAP also announced two new co-innovation projects as part of its commitment to making the “Internet of Things” available to enterprises in a way that is real, repeatable and scalable. For many businesses, the next wave of competitive advantage will come from the ability to derive intelligence from sensor-generated data and to deliver that information to the right hands at the right time, with the right context. To learn more, read the announcement made at the Internet of Things World Forum, being held from October 29–31 in Barcelona, Spain: “SAP Customers Unlock the Power of Intelligent Things.”

For more information, visit the SAP Newsroom.

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