SAP IT Infrastructure Management at Kaeser

Kaeser air compressor on a construction site. (Photo: Kaeser)

From airtight food packaging to safe rollercoasters in amusement parks to that fancy new Porsche, Kaeser Kompressoren air compressors are part of daily life around the globe. Its products and solutions can be found throughout the manufacturing, shipping, tunnel construction, and trade industries. Operating in more than 50 countries at over 100 locations, Kaeser relies on modern information technology to deliver excellent customer service and innovative products to its growing clientele. With SAP IT Infrastructure Management software, Kaeser has the integrated overview and consolidated IT tools it needs to do just that.

Kaeser’s partnership with SAP began 20 years ago, when it sought to integrate five countries into its IT infrastructure. Today, the company’s network covers 100 locations in over 50 countries across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region – and IT continues to advance at a steady pace. “The main purpose of our IT system is to support the global supply chain,” explains Falko Lameter, CIO of Kaeser Kompressoren. To master the increasing complexity and provide internal customers with failsafe, innovative applications, the company needed an integrated and holistic view of its IT infrastructure.

SAP partner Realtech carries out Kaeser implementation

As part of its comprehensive application lifecycle management strategy, Kaeser ultimately chose SAP Solution Manager as its central IT management software and implemented the additional SAP IT Infrastructure Management component. The implementation was primarily carried out by SAP’s Solution Extension partner Realtech, which played a key role in the development of SAP IT Infrastructure Management. Realtech also acts as Value Added Reseller for the product and has extensive experience in SAP Solution Manager consulting.

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Both SAP IT Infrastructure Management and SAP Solution Manager are application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions. ALM delivers processes, methods, and services that manage both SAP and external software and reduce your total cost of ownership. Maximum benefits can be achieved by combining and controlling all of the ALM applications in a central management system. This enables a correlated monitoring and management of all assets and the supporting IT infrastructure. Equipped with this information, you can identify and solve problems quickly. So the benefits of using new technologies – and the insourcing and outsourcing strategy your company needs to adopt – are clear, even before you make the actual investment.

With the SAP IT Infrastructure Management solution, all devices in the network are detected automatically and managed in a central database, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). There, all relevant information about the devices – for example laptops, printers, and switches – their relationship to one another, and any changes made, are collected, evaluated, and saved in real time. Thanks to the open interface, users can easily integrate data from other management systems as well. “One of the really nice side effects is that the task of reporting inventory to our controlling is now more or less fully automated,” adds Lameter. The data in the CMDB is ultimately transferred to SAP Solution Manager, facilitating efficient, data-controlled IT incident and change management. The software monitors the status of individual asset data in real time and detects and addresses incidents before the user even becomes aware of them.  These could include internal technical issues or even attacks on the IT system.

Lower costs, better service levels, less server downtime

Kaeser uses SAP IT Infrastructure Management to visualize its complete IT infrastructure, covering everything from individual PCs to printers to the various servers. Integrated quickly and without disruption into Kaeser’s existing SAP Solution Manager installation, the tool provides the company with an holistic overview of its IT infrastructure and, thanks to the centralized management of SAP and third-party components, has lowered costs, improved service levels, and reduced Kaeser’s server downtimes.

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KAESER is currently in the midst of a project to migrate to the SAP HANA platform. “With SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and predictive analytics, we can build a new kind of relationship with our customer. We will be able to deliver not only compressed air systems to our customers, but complementary services via the Internet as well,” explains Lameter.

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Meet those involved

Those interested in finding out more about the project can stop by the REALTECH booth (no. E15) and/or join a round table with KAESER Kompressoren at SAP TechEd in Amsterdam.

Hosts: Jürgen Wöhner, Systems Manager / ITOrg, KAESER Kompressoren, and Gerhard Stifter, Business Development Manager, REALTECH

When: November 5, 2013, 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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