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WALLDORF — SAP AG today announced an entry-level option for SAP ActiveEmbedded services that offers customers direct access to a named, remote senior SAP product engineer who can help address and overcome technical challenges. SAP ActiveEmbedded, product engineer on demand option, is for selected SAP software components for which customer knowledge is missing and focuses on challenges that typically fall outside a normal implementation.

SAP ActiveEmbedded, product engineer on demand option, has a 12-month minimum duration. With the option, the product engineers’ priorities are to coach customers through best practices configuration steps for a certain product area; advise on the steps to configure a certain product area to meet functional requirements supported through standard SAP software; and explain how to perform necessary actions provided by SAP to resolve an issue and avoid a reoccurrence. A product engineer’s key focus is to help ensure long-term solution sustainability for customers, and to help them minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) for their systems. The product engineer serves as an advisor and a coach, walking the customer through the required steps to resolve challenges.

Additionally, a technical quality manager (TQM) is available to work with the customer on-site. At the start of the engagement, the TQM performs a review and documents the scope of the engagement. While the product engineer addresses specific issues, the TQM proactively and more broadly identifies areas for improvement and coordinates services and activities to help run SAP software landscape more effectively.

“Sometimes all a customer needs is some guidance to complete a task or to overcome a technical challenge in the SAP software landscape,” said Greg Pike, senior vice president, SAP Active Global Support. “With the product engineer on demand option for SAP ActiveEmbedded, our customers can benefit from easy and flexible access to experts who help them improve operational efficiency through sharing of product knowledge, achieving greater integration with expert advice and faster resolution for specific challenges.”

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