Reinvent the Possibilities

Foto: SAP
Foto: SAP

The message the more than 20,000 attendees at China SAPPHIRE received from SAP executives was loud and clear: SAP is here to succeed in China.

Co-CEO Bill McDermott predicted that China would become SAP’s biggest market for software sales by 2020. “China has become SAP’s second home,” he said. “We are committed to helping our clients become the best through using our disruptive and innovative technologies.”

The event theme, “Reinvent the Possibilities of Transformation and Growth,” couldn’t be timelier, as China’s economic growth is predicted by experts to continue to slow down in 2014. Despite a more sluggish economy, SAP can help Chinese customers to solve the challenges their businesses are facing and achieve sustainable growth, according to Mark Gibbs, head of SAP China. “SAP is committed to helping Chinese customers continuously optimize their value chains, to obtain differential competitive advantages, by providing integrated solutions,” he said.

First offering: The complete suite of HCM solutions from SuccessFactors

These integrated solutions include cloud offerings. During the conference, SAP and China Telecom announced a strategy partnership to make the SAP Cloud portfolio available to Chinese organizations. The complete suite of human capital management (HCM) solutions from SuccessFactors will be the first offering that the partnership makes available, and hosts, in China. As a result, SAP will become the first international software vendor to deliver an integrated cloud HCM offering in this country.

The delivery of these innovations is just one example of SAP’s ongoing commitment to its China Growth Plan. To reinforce its dedication to the plan, SAP also held a leadership summit one day prior to the event. SAP invited 245 C-level executives to this summit – an exclusive private event with Bill Clinton as a guest speaker.

China SAPPHIRE 2013: Reinvent the Possibilities

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