BEIJING SAP AG today announced a pilot of a platform that helps urban transportation management organizations in China quickly understand traffic situations, accurately analyze passenger flow and taxi operations and get real-time insights to make fact-based decisions. SAP Labs China and the Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIHMT) collaborated on a pilot of the Big Data comprehensive analysis and decision-making support platform powered by SAP HANA in Beijing, Kunming, Chongqing and Tianjin. The announcement was made at China SAPPHIRE, being held November 20-21 in Beijing.

The taxi industry in China is a significant supplement to the city’s public transportation and has faced challenges such as a lag in information and a mismatch between service supply capacity and market demands. In 2012, the Ministry of Transport decided to launch a nationwide pilot project for an urban taxi management platform to improve the timeliness and security and deliver better service for citizens. As the technical support organization for the project, RIHMT  worked with the Nanjing innovation center at SAP Labs China for the research and development of the integrated information management system based on SAP HANA.

“In the high-speed urbanization process in China, the lagging of transportation facility development along with the explosive growth of urban population has caused traffic bottlenecks and other issues,” said Gu Jingyan, deputy chief Engineer of Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport. “The use of cutting-edge IT technology is an essential approach to upgrade industrial management and eliminate traffic bottlenecks. SAP helps us adopt an advanced Big Data analysis platform, which accelerates the reform of operational models in the taxi industry, comprehensively improving the decision-making efficiency of the management department and significantly elevating the service level of the entire industry. We continue to deepen our cooperation with SAP to build the right solutions for the transportation industry in the Big Data era, and lay a solid foundation for building a green, sustainable and intelligent urban traffic system.”

“Efficient urban traffic benefits people’s lives. It is an honor to work with the Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport in this field,” said Mark Gibbs, president of SAP Greater China. “By fully leveraging leading IT technologies and combining RIHMT’s rich experience and insight in the industry, SAP will help the urban transportation management department solve existing problems and enable urban transportation to be more efficient and more intelligent. SAP is committed to investing in China and realizing innovations for China. The cooperation with RIHMT provides a convincing illustration that SAP contributes to the rapid, healthy and green development of Chinese society.”

The piloted platform is a significant leap forward in the analysis processing performance of Big Data. It intends to address the overall demands of urban transportation management organizations, analyzing 6 to 36 billion data records per year and empowering a substantial improvement in performance under various application scenarios such as complex analysis and inquiry. For example, the application for lost-and-found intends to reduce the inquiry process from days to minutes and has enabled an increase of up to nearly 1,000 times in performance, which helps improve the service responsiveness of the urban management department to passengers.

The piloted platform also enabled urban transportation management organizations to improve management from the macro, meso and micro levels. Benefits included:

  • Urban transportation planning: trip characteristics, traffic zone division and key area path analysis
  • Comprehensive traffic management: real-time insights into current urban situations and prediction of traffic conditions; real-time timing analysis of traffic lights, monitoring and prediction of traffic congestion; and overall traffic index, reachable time analysis and prediction for areas and paths
  • Dedicated management application groups: operational analysis for buses, taxis and rail transit, comprehensive analysis on capacity and pricing subsidy of public transportation, labor intensity analysis

Together with partners and pilot cities, SAP will demonstrate the sample data for the “Nationwide Taxi Management Platform” project at China SAPPHIRE.

For more information, visit the SAP Newsroom.

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