TechEd_Ams13_SAPLiberal and tolerant Amsterdam was the perfect place to bring together the SAP developer community to learn how SAP HANA gives them greater freedom, according to Bernd Leukert, member of the Global Managing Board of SAP AG and head of Application Innovation. “Code enables freedom” was the theme of his keynote at the event: “Liberty is the fundamental principle that empowers people to innovate. And technology gives us the freedom to communicate and access to knowledge. With SAP HANA, developers have the freedom to develop their own applications or adapt existing ones on the platform.

To describe just how fast SAP HANA is, Leukert calculated that his flight from the SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas to SAP TechEd in Amsterdam would, at the speed of SAP HANA, take just 30 seconds. Teleportation might still be the stuff of science fiction, but SAP HANA as the platform for all SAP applications will soon be reality.

Another connection to the Netherlands: 19th Century Dutch artist Van Gogh’s technique of applying fine dots of color to canvass means that only distance reveals the entire image. Just as van Gogh’s dots merge into a whole, data points do not reveal insights at first glance. Big Data enables us to form the complete picture and see the real significance of each data point.

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