SAP Innovates Navigation and Decision-Making Within SAP Enterprise Support Offerings

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WALLDORF — SAP AG today announced SAP Enterprise Support value maps. Delivered via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, the value maps are an intelligent, innovation selection mechanism to support customers in finding the right services and tools.

SAP Enterprise Support offers the foundation to implement, operate and innovate better through collaboration, empowerment and automation. The value maps provide guidance for selecting the right offering at the right time, and for the individual customer situation. They help customers to best implement and leverage automation and analysis capabilities of the SAP Solution Manager application management solution to improve IT operations efficiency.

The value maps have been rolled out via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, a dedicated portal with flexible entry points and aggregated views on learning assets and services content combining training, support and deployment of best practices. The program is a deliverable of SAP Enterprise Support that does not involve additional cost. It can be accessed in terms of business roles, life-cycle phase or delivery method. The value maps are considered an additional fourth dimension organized by customer challenges such as security or data volume management.

Similar to a vehicle navigation system, the task for value maps is to discover the best route and put into place information on the steps needed to achieve subsequent milestones and ultimately arrive at the final destination. The customer’s journey is supported with services, tools and methods from SAP Enterprise Support offerings. The goal of the value maps is to provide customers with the exact information needed and empower them to make educated decisions for further efforts or investments necessary.

“Value maps provide a clear answer to questions customers have on effort and outcome in their individual business situations,” said Michael Rieder, senior vice president and head of SAP Active Global Support EMEA, SAP AG. “Through integration with SAP Enterprise Support Academy, we created a comprehensive and collaborative offering that supports our customers to get the most from their investment in SAP Enterprise Support.”

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