Student Robot Takes Stock in Las Vegas

Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

LEGO on wheels, an iPad, and SAP HANA: little more was needed by a team of high school students to develop a robot that automatically checks the availability of goods and, if necessary, even refills the shelves. The LEGO-encased iPad on wheels was showcased last month at the SAP TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas.

By utilizing the iPad’s camera, the robot can not only navigate through rooms, but can also photograph shelves and ascertain whether products need to be restocked. “It is able to find every product in a supermarket and can help optimize the arrangement of inventory,” says Tobias Gaumann, one of the students in the development team.

SAP HANA analysis tells robots what to stock

To achieve this, SAP HANA analyzes the images produced by the camera. As soon as a shortage in goods is detected, the robot automatically heads to the warehouse to procure additional supplies. “SAP HANA tells the robot which product is missing. Then, it can refill the shelves.” says Gaumann. This frees up time for the staff to deal with other tasks. In addition, the robot can help ensure compliance with stock presentation regulations.

Here, you can see the robot in action:

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SAP receives award for dedication and commitment at FIRST LEGO League

The project came into being in the context of the FIRST LEGO League, an SAP-sponsored educational program that introduces young people between the ages of 10 and 16 to science and technology in a playful manner. Each team is provided with a coach and is given eight weeks to build a LEGO robot.  SAP was recently distinguished for its dedication and commitment by Hands on Technology, the organizer of the competition, receiving the award “Outstanding Sponsor of Children’s and Adolescents’ Education in Science and Technology.”