How Design Makes a Difference

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The way people work with software has dramatically changed over the last few years. Good user experience is not simply a wish anymore; it is part of a user’s expectations. Customers are now aware of this, and are increasingly seeking SAP’s advice on how to establish design practices that can make their companies more user-friendly. To respond to this demand, SAP is now offering now a new portfolio of design services.

At the beginning of 2013, SAP established a new global team called the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) with highly skilled and experienced designers from around the world. The team provides design services to customers together with Active Global Support, Custom Development, Value Prototyping, Services, and Sales.

70 customers are already working with Design & Co-Innovation Center

“It is amazing to see how the customer perception about SAP user experience is changing,” says Andreas Hauser, Global Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP AG. “We have engaged with more than 70 customers. They recognize that it is not just about buying SAP solutions, tools, and technology; it is about the way they involve their end users into the process.”

Read more about how SAP is working together with companies in this area:

U.S. oil concern Valero Energy

British and Dutch oil and gas company Shell

Danish IT company Kommune-data (KMD)

The German Ice Hockey League (DEL)

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Valero: new solutions with SAP Design Services

Valero is one of many SAP customers that have recognized the impact of bringing design expertise into the organization. “We have the tools and technologies to support a user-centered design methodology. Now we have to change the way we engage,” says Benjamin Salter, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Application Development, Valero Energy. “Design skills are rapidly becoming the premium. […] SAP offers Design Services that can help us to learn and do it ourselves.”

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SAP User Experience Design Strategy – Ben Salter, Valero

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Shell almost halves the number of mouse clicks

A further example is Shell. The company wanted to explore the capabilities of SAP Screen Personas to make the SAP GUI more user-friendly. As a first step, a proof of concept was created together with the customer for one key role. “Our team observed how people worked with the system and identified their pain points,” explains Hauser. “Based on these insights, we generated wireframes, gathered new feedback from the users and finally implemented the proposed solution. As a result, the number of clicks was reduced by 43% from 45 to 26, saving time and costs,” he pointed out.


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Kommune-data (KMD) simplifies the user interface

Design solutions often emerge only after observing users in their working environments and identifying their needs when using SAP software. One of the customers of the IT Danish company Kommune-data (KMD) is a Kindergarten. There, staff regularly needs to order materials such as pencils or paint using an enterprise solution from SAP. The Active Global Support (AGS) team, together with a group of designers, observed the kindergarten managers in their working environment and designed a simpler, more innovative user experience with the customer.

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German Ice hockey improves fan experience with SAP

Yet another example was the work with the Germany Ice Hockey League (DEL). The Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) collaborated on the challenge of finding new ways of creating an exciting experience for DEL’s ice hockey fans. The goal was to create some initial concepts and prototypes for fan solutions based on SAP Technologies. Designers and customers worked together to create new ideas based on insights from fan interviews, which were later prototyped to define how a better fan experience could look.

Watch the video: German Ice Hockey League and SAP for a better fan experience


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SAP helps companies to define and execute the best user experience strategy for their businesses by providing special design services that help customers develop innovative and user-friendly solutions. One central component of these services is Design Thinking, which is also opening up new opportunities for SAP to work with customers and users.

Many companies adapt standard SAP solutions to their business requirements without thinking through how the end user will interact with them in their daily work. Now, SAP presents customers its User Experience Strategy and advises them on how to integrate it into their business reality.

SAP helps customers implement their software

Many usability problems can be solved with existing SAP tools and technologies, but customers are often not aware about the capabilities of SAP solutions. SAP helps by supporting the implementation of these solutions and their adaptation to specific business needs, optimizing their user experience.


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IT organizations base their work on requirements they receive from their business units, but often do not take into account the needs of the end users. SAP helps customers become more user-centric by establishing a Design Center of Excellence in their organizations and by offering a wide range of training courses and workshops.

Customers recognize that they often lack design skills in their own organizations. This impacts the development and implementation of innovative solutions. SAP helps customers to innovate by involving them in a co-creation process from beginning to end, working on the design of specific solutions and fueling innovation.

IT and design belong together

The coming together of classic IT and design is a trend for the future. Design does not just make things look aesthetically pleasing, but is an attitude towards a better understanding of what is really needed.

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