Luxury Brands Opt for SAP

Foto: SAP
Foto: SAP

Andrassy Street in Budapest is for Hungary what the Champs-Élysées in Paris is for France. A broad boulevard lined with tall trees and elegant edifices, this is the place to spot the latest cars, rarely seen on the roads. Andrassy Street is full of small luxury and bespoke tailor shops, as well as high-end restaurants. In September the newest and biggest luxury retail store opened here. The “Il Bacio di Stile” multibrand store, the first of its kind in Hungary, was developed by a Hungarian billionaire.

The luxury retailer chose SAP Business All-in-One, which was implemented in five months by Mind System Consulting Ltd., a local SAP Gold partner. The solution not only supports core functions such as finance, accounting, and logistics, but also helps to address customers’ special needs.

Integration with tablets, warehouse management

Stock information is available on tablets, which the shop assistants carry with them. If a customer is looking for a different size, color, or model, the assistants can check right away if it is available in the warehouse. They can also request to have the item brought to the sales area, or can offer the customer similar items.

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Once a salesperson has requested an item, the staff in the warehouse receive instructions to locate the item and carry it to the shop area within four to five minutes. Since the ERP system with fifty users is integrated with Il Bacio’s cashier system, all salespeople have information on the current inventory at their fingertips. High-priced items are tracked with RFID technology within the store.

Il Bacio di Stile also runs its customer management system on SAP. This system allows the retailer to register and sort frequent customers, and to create special rates and services for different groups. The company plans to open a restaurant and an online shop, and to connect to their factories’ logistical systems, based on SAP Business All-in-One integrated capabilities.

Luxury retailers rely on SAP

With other high-end brands including Burberry and Ferragamo on its list of customers, SAP has made a name for itself in the luxury business – by running it.  This new SAP implementation in the CEE market unit is just the latest proof point.