IDC Report: Top 10 Market Predictions for 2014

According to research firm International Data Corporation, CIOs in 2014 will be challenged to change what they do and how they do it as the so-called “Third Platform” of mobile, social, Big Data, and cloud services slowly takes hold. Analysts David McNallyJoseph PucciarelliDr. Ron Babin, and Fred Magee recently co-hosted a webinar that shared IDC’s top ten market predictions for how CIOs will transform IT along with their organization in the coming years:

1. In two years, over 70 percent of CIOs will change their primary role from directly managing IT to becoming an innovation partner.

2. Before 2017, only 40 percent of CIOs will rise to produce business enhancing insights from Big Data and analytics.

3. Seventy percent of CIOs will increase enterprise exposure to risk in order to accelerate business agility through increased cloud adoption.

Young, mobile customers to demand change
4. Enterprise business mobility will require 60 percent of CIOs by 2017 to support an agile architecture with next-generation mobile applications.

5. The demographic shift to young and mobile customers will require 80 percent of CIOs in consumer-facing businesses to integrate IT with public social networks by 2015.

6. By 2015, Third Platform requirements will drive 60 percent of CIOs to use enterprise architecture (EA) as a required IT tool, but only 40 percent will deploy EA effectively.

7. By 2015, 60 percent of CIO security budgets for increasingly vulnerable legacy systems will be 30 to 40 percent too small to fund enterprise threat assessments.

IT budget to focus on business innovation and value
8. By 2017, the transfer of Third Platform investments from IT to line-of-business budgets will require 60 percent of CIOs to focus the IT budget on business innovation and value.

9. By 2016, 80 percent of the IT budget will be based on providing broad portfolio of IT and business services.

10. By 2018, adoption of Third Platform IT technologies will redefine 90 percent of IT roles.

Click here to watch the complete webinar, “IDC 2014 Predictions: CIO Agenda – Embracing 3rd Platform Leadership Challenges as IT Transitions from Technology to Service Delivery.”

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