iGATE Drives Business with SAP PSD

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SAP services partner iGATE is taking the high road to growth by aligning with SAP strategy via SAP Partner Service Delivery (PSD) to bring customers the latest SAP technology innovations in combination with its pay-for-results business model. With more than three decades of IT services experience, iGATE has built a reputation and core differentiating attribute around its unique Business Outcomes-based model, which brings new balance to the customer-vendor relationship by placing priority on the business impact of a customer project while transferring project risks to the vendor.

Durga Reddy, Global Alliances manager, iGATE, explains why this approach sets iGATE apart from other services providers. “Our Business-Outcome model is a game changer and differentiator in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing solutions market space. What it means to our customers is that we are an integrated partner and help our customers drive positive outcomes for their business.”

iGATE’s integrated technology and operations framework

Powering this philosophy of “accountable for clients’ business” is the iTOPS (integrated technology and operations) framework, iGATE’s global services model that optimizes value for client businesses through a combination of process investment strategies, technology leverage, and business process outsourcing and provisioning.

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A global organization based in Fremont, California, iGATE delivers effective solutions to over 300 active global clients, including many Fortune 1000 companies. It became an SAP partner in 2000 and now serves more than 70 SAP customers worldwide. iGATE’s longstanding partnership with SAP and the extensive experience it has gained during the course of consulting, implementing, upgrading, and supporting  SAP requirements for myriad clients has enabled it to build a large pool of SAP services expertise.

Since Reddy came onboard at the start of 2013, iGATE has stepped up its interaction with SAP through its participation in the many programs and support services offered by SAP PSD.  PSD’s partner enablement offerings, especially the highly acclaimed SAP Partner Enablement Center (PEC), have been very beneficial to iGATE for providing the value-added services, knowledge transfer, and business-critical support that helps partners to drive more revenue and growth. iGATE now has SAP-certified solutions for mobile asset management and mobile field service.

Stronger ERP and more SAP HANA, cloud, and mobility

“From the beginning, it’s been about getting more visibility and moving into new technologies,” says Reddy, who has been driving the SAP program at iGATE. “We’ve been working with the Partner Service Delivery team to make sure we are not only strengthening the core ERP offering, but that we are also moving more into SAP HANA, cloud, and mobility space.”

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What result does Reddy expect from this hard work? A better deal for the customer, she says. “Working with SAP, we feel like we can go jointly to our customers in new emerging areas around SAP HANA, analytics, mobility and also talk about our business outcome strategy. That’s the vision we have.”

One resource that has been invaluable for iGATE is its partner service advisor (PSA) in the SAP PartnerEdge program, Casey Ryan, who is based in SAP’s Montreal office. As iGATE’s dedicated PSA, Ryan is the single point of contact at SAP for iGATE when it comes to finding information and coordinating the services needed to grow its SAP business. Whether it’s technical assistance or training, answering simple questions or arranging remote support services – the PSA is the personal services champion for the partner within SAP.

Unique business plan based on market strategy and specialization

To ensure that SAP and its partners stay aligned in an ever-changing business environment, the PSA works with the partner to establish an annual business plan that is unique to the partner based on its market strategy and specialization. The plan serves as a road map to guide the PSA in providing the partner with the right information and expertise to take full advantage of SAP services and programs, and stay informed of any updates that may impact its plans.

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As an example, Reddy and Ryan now have a bi-weekly jour fixe call, in which they discuss updates in strategy and new support services from SAP, as well as networking opportunities and tips from SAP experts – especially in the area of SAP HANA and field sales. Reddy says the responsiveness and level of access iGATE has to its PSA has been extremely beneficial as iGATE has built up its SAP offering. “It’s fantastic. I call [Ryan] regularly,” she says. “He’s on my speed dial.” Ryan supports his partners through many different channels, including moving with the times to connect with them via his SAP Twitter account @SAPPSA_Casey, as part of PSD’s “Follow Your PSA” campaign (find out more at SAP Business Trends).

Ryan is also very positive about the level of engagement he has with iGATE. “It’s been great. Whenever I ask for anything, I usually get a response within 24 hours,” he says. “What’s nice about a partner like iGATE is that they’re open to hearing everything and then making an informed decision.”

Meeting demand for SuccessFactors cloud-based solution

Recently, Ryan was able to assist iGATE in transforming its SAP business by securing its UK partnership with SAP, so that it could readily meet customer demand in the UK for a cloud-based solution from SuccessFactors, an SAP company.

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Opening the doors to this business required Ryan to not only facilitate the UK partnership for iGATE, but also help iGATE get its Cloud Addendum to its contract signed and gain proper access to the SuccessFactors portal. It was a very memorable marathon of activity for Ryan, who recalls, “The biggest challenge was to make sure everybody kept talking and the paperwork flowed. The path to becoming a cloud partner is a relatively new one, so there were some steps to work through.”

Case study: How SAP PSD supports SAP business strategy

iGATE provides just one case study showing how SAP partners work with SAP PSD to increase their capabilities and drive their SAP business in alignment with their own market strategy. By delivering targeted enablement services and helping partners get connected inside SAP with the relevant solution experts, SAP PSD provides active support to partners to execute on their business strategy, drive partner growth, and enable SAP partners to deliver value to their customers.  “We’re working hard to build a stronger ecosystem that would result in positive outcomes,” says Reddy about iGATE’s collaboration with SAP PSD.

To learn more about how SAP Partner Service Delivery can support your SAP business strategy, watch this video.