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It used to be that when companies wanted to implement SAP software they began with a blank screen (or even a piece of paper). Since SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, thousands of customers have experienced software implementations that are faster, easier, and more affordable than ever thought possible. Now, SAP has published the definitive guide to understanding exactly what these packaged software solutions are, and how they are revolutionizing the software industry.

The “Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions” book was authored by 30 SAP experts from the company’s rapid-deployment team and members of the Active Global Support, Services, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and Sales groups. The book features real-world lessons learned from the implementation experiences of 17 companies, and details how they used the solutions’ predefined services, best practices content by industry, and enablement.

Focus on SAP HANA and Cloud in multiple industries

Cases focus on the full spectrum of rapid-deployment solutions including pre-packaged offerings as well as integration with and migration to SAP innovations such as SAP HANA, cloud-based solutions, and the SAP Fiori mobile application. Featured industries include sports and entertainment, life science, chemical, healthcare, industrial machinery and manufacturing, energy, and consumer products.

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Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions, Galileo, SAP Press, 401 pages; 69,96 Euro

“Anyone evaluating new SAP solutions or embarking on a new project, whether in-house or with consultants or partners, would benefit from reading this book because it explains the basic principles of how SAP Rapid Deployment solutions work. This is important knowledge to have before starting a specific project, especially from the real-world use cases that detail how customers have benefited from this approach,” says Dr. Bernd Welz, Executive Vice President of Solution & Knowledge Packaging at SAP.

He adds that these solutions are particularly valuable for customers in an increasingly cloud-based environment. “Rapid Deployment solutions work for any public, private, or virtual cloud as well as on premise, making them ideal for either an all-cloud or hybrid system. We can also ship solutions through SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud with our partners.”

Case analysis – from documentation to road map issues

Each situation is described in-depth from concept through implementation, with specific outcomes. Case studies are both detailed and candid. Accomplishments summarize both major wins and areas for improvement, from documentation through solution road map issues. The authors also don’t shy away from relating unexpected schedule glitches, detailing their resolution and impact on delivery timelines. Here are highlights from three of the case studies demonstrating how customers have used the solutions to adopt SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, and mobile.

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Use Case #1: Database migration to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA

When a EUR1.75 billion paint manufacturer decided to optimize the company’s SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) system on SAP HANA for real-time decision-making from production through sales, executives at the company were intent on a fast, risk-free transition process. They used the SAP Rapid Deployment database migration packages to replace the underlying relational database of their SAP NetWeaver BW system with SAP HANA as a database. In just 10 weeks, the company was up and running with accurate, real-time information to support revenue growth in a fiercely competitive, volatile, and commoditizing industry.

 Use Case #14: Fast, secure mobilization of SAP ERP applications in six weeks

Another example in the book spotlights how an SAP qualified partner implemented the Mobile apps and infrastructure rapid deployment solution for a mining customer in Africa. In this case, the solution answered one of the most commonly-asked questions that SAP customers have: How quickly and how easily can we securely connect our SAP ERP system to a wide variety of mobile devices? Using the rapid deployment solutions, the partner was able to deliver on a competitively priced implementation of SAP Afaria, the SAP Mobile Platform, and mobile apps in six weeks.

 Use Case #16: Seamless, 24/7 access to SAP Fiori mobile apps enables speedy response times

Millions of customers across industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural, and residential markets depend on this South African utility company for electricity and access. Real-time, professional response was a core requirement for this company that generates 95 percent of the electricity in South Africa, along with 45 percent used by Africa overall. In just six weeks, the rapid deployment team implemented SAP Fiori, allowing users easy access to SAP applications through a portal on their mobile devices.

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Besides the obvious and extensive implementation benefits that rapid deployment solutions offer, Bernd emphasizes the breadth and depth of expertise that the book reveals. “Having so much input from different teams at SAP, coupled with the experiences of customers and partners, this book opens the door into the next era of software implementation. We are sharing our expertise so that everyone can move forward with success.”

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