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Photo: Do Ra/Fotolia

From design thinking and apps to productivity and HR trends: which topics moved SAP.info readers in 2013? Find out in the list of the year’s 10 most-read articles, which cover a range of topics showcasing what readers cared about most over the past 12 months.

10) The Top Apps for July 2013: Save digital passwords, check what private data apps actually pass on, and get to grips with SAP terminology: our apps for July 2013 come in at number 10 of our most-read articles of the year.

9) Six Tips for Remote Worker Productivity: To telecommute or not to telecommute? That is no longer the question. Employees need the right tools to succeed in a hyper-connected, global business world. With the right policies and technologies, companies can help remote workers become more productive. Here are six tips to help.

8) Graduates with SAP Certification: A saving of four to six weeks on training graduate recruits: this was SAP’s promise to prospective employers when it introduced the SAP Student Academy in mid-June.

7) Design Thinking in Action: Design thinking is a new approach to solving problems. At SAP, it is changing the way developers build software. But what do they really think about it? And how does it work? We take a closer look.

6) SAP Road Map for Human Resources: Employee Central from SuccessFactors offers a cloud-based HR core system. Ralf Wagner, Head of Solution Management HCM at SAP AG, discusses the choices HR decision makers face with on-premise and cloud solutions.

5) 10 Golden Rules for Design Thinking: As a manager you have targets, deliverables, and time lines. But you also need to leave your team space to be innovative. In at number five, this list provides guidance on how to lead a design thinking team.

4) Top 5 Apps for March: A roundup of helpful mobile apps includes tools to help brush up your knowledge of SAP applications, hold a Web conference with a colleague, and search for files in the cloud.

3) EHP 6 for SAP ERP 6.0: Top 10 Functions: Explore the top 10 cross-industry business functions in enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 in this overview – and find out how to keep your global business up to speed.

2) A Guide to SEPA Support Packages: Support packages can help companies adapt their systems to SEPA, the single euro payments area. Erol Bozak, CTO of SAP partner TIS GmbH, gives an overview.

1) The Top 7 Trends in HR: Working conditions that better suit the individual, fewer permanent employees in the office, increased communication using social media. Our number-one article of the year describes what issues HR departments will have to get used to.

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