How Tennis Profits from SAP HANA

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Photo: Shutterstock

SAP expanded its sports sponsorships portfolio in 2013 to include a global leader in women’s professional sport, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). SAP and the WTA have worked closely with players, coaches, fans, and the media to develop solutions which truly enhance the sport. SAP Business Analytics tools help players and coaches gain a competitive edge, bring fans closer to the action, and provide media with data that tells a story. Away from on-court action, the WTA business has benefitted from SAP solutions powered by the SAP HANA platform, like other SAP-sponsored tennis tournaments and players.

Steve Peck, senior vice president Global Strategic Initiatives, SAP, commented, “SAP has a long-standing commitment to the sport of tennis. The WTA provides an excellent platform for SAP to demonstrate this on a global scale.”

SAP and WTA help optimize strategy and performance

The partnership between SAP and the WTA delivers solutions that provide coaches with point-by-point analysis on all matches, enabling players and coaches to tailor training programs specifically according to the data available to them.

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“An increased understanding of my player and her opponent’s game can give me an edge that could mean the difference between winning and losing,” says Tomek Wiktorowski, coach of Agnieszka Radwanska, ranked number four in the world. “The ability to access tailored SAP data is making a real difference to the way coaches work. We can now provide our players with more strategic advice, improving their preparation and ultimately on-court performance.”

As well as enhancing performance for WTA players, SAP HANA is bringing fans and spectators closer to the action by transforming the viewing experience in stadium and at home.

“SAP’s involvement is bringing tennis fans closer to the action, enabling them to enjoy the sport like never before by experiencing visually engaging information about their favorite players,” explained Steve Peck.

SAP insights announced at WTA Championships in Istanbul

For the first time, at the WTA Championships in Istanbul, fans were provided with engaging on-screen statistics highlighting player improvements, player comparisons, and vital information on the top female players in the world. In stadium, a tournament emcee called out vital SAP insights before, during, and after each match.


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Broadcasters and journalists are gaining access to a greater level of detail than they’ve ever had before, enabling them to provide deeper insights and tell a more engaging story. Media now have instant access to historical data on players and statistics about previous head-to-head matches as well as aggregated data that shows trends and generalities.

“I believe SAP analytics will add tremendous value and transform the sport in all areas,” says Mary Joe Fernandez, tennis commentator and former professional player, “As a broadcaster, I’m able to use analytics to tell a better story. This is an exciting time for women’s tennis.”

SAP analytics and insights a game changer for players, coaches, and fans

Whether for fans, players, coaches or journalists, SAP analytics and insights are now game changers for tennis. This has been successfully proven since rolling out phase one of this campaign, player comparison technology, earlier this year. Coaches and players have been able to use SAP analytics to gain insights into their game and optimize their strategy based on the data available to them. The next phase will focus on enhancing the fan viewing experience, as SAP continues on its journey to transform women’s tennis in 2014.

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