Tablet Sales Set to Soar

Gartner’s market researchers forecast gigantic growth rates in several categories of mobile devices this year. The tablet market alone is set to grow 47% in 2014, Gartner says, citing lower retail prices as the main reason for the development. For the class of ultramobiles as a whole, which includes tablets, hybrids, and clamshell phones, Gartner’s market researchers are actually expecting a 54% increase in sales compared to last year.

The traditional PC market, on the other hand, will decline by 7%. According to Gartner, a total of 2.5 billion devices such as PCs, tablets, ultramobiles, and cell phones will be sold during 2014. When compared with last year, this corresponds to a growth rate of 7.6% across all device classes.

Android passes one-billion mark for first time

“Users are turning away from traditional PCs more and more because the superior flexibility of tablets, hybrids, and lighter notebooks better fulfills their needs,” says Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. He continues to regard classic cell phones as a “must-have”, but expects slower sales growth in future. Gartner forecasts the number of Android devices sold this year to pass the one billion mark for the very first time, meaning Google’s operating system will continue to occupy the top spot.

Looking at worldwide IT expenditures, Gartner’s market researchers also foresee an increase in the acquisition of hardware: Compared to 2013, during which expenditures for devices went down 1.2%, Gartner expects spending to increase by 4.3% in 2014. The overall global IT spend, meanwhile, is projected to climb by 3.1% to $3.8 billion. In 2013, it grew just 0.4%.

Software will once again account for the lion’s share of IT spending. Companies are anticipated to spend 6.8% more on software in 2014 than the year before, with customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) at the top of their shopping list.

B2B: 10% more budget for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

“The investments will be made on the basis of analysis results, to make Business to Consumer (B2C) processes more efficient and to improve customer marketing. Business to Business (B2B) analyses will also play a role, especially in the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM), where growth of 10.6% is expected,” says Richard Gordon, managing vice president at Gartner. “The strategic focus will lie on improving the experience of the customer during presales, sales, and post-sales processes.”


Top Image: Shutterstock