The Top 5 Apps for January 2014

Foto: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

Our five recommended apps of the month:

  • SAP CRM Service Manager: Complete customer service for field sales staff
  • SAP Job Progress Monitor: Monitor business processes in real time
  • TextGrabber + Translator: Text recognition and editing for scanned documents
  • CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator: Turning your smartphone into a scanner
  • Head Office: Project management on your iOS smartphone


Foto: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

SAP CRM Service Manager by SAP

SAP has released a new version of the SAP CRM Service Manager app. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android devices, and now delivers even more elements of SAP’s end-to-end solution on smartphones and iPad. The app is targeted at field sales staff in companies that offer full 360-degree customer service based on SAP CRM. SAP has significantly increased the functionality of the app: Calendar support and the upload/download of attachments are now included as standard, as is single sign-on support and the ability to run extensive inventory surveys. SAP has also refreshed the app’s design: the Service Manager has an improved menu guide, and offers a greater range of supported languages and translations. The ability for customers to confirm orders and processes on-site has also been improved. Other functions include real-time delivery of service orders and their corresponding confirmations in real-time, management of customer histories, and inventory surveys.

Platform: iOS & Android

The app is available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

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Photo: Screenshot

SAP Job Progress Monitor by SAP

SAP has released the Job Progress Monitor app for Android devices.  The application connects with SAP Solution Manager, which offers effective application management for SAP environments in companies. The Android app has a significant range of functions: Users can monitor all business processes in real-time, and view the progress of job chains at all times, including runtimes with estimated and actual end times. With the Scheduling Management functions, workflow owners can monitor the execution status of job chains that they created in the software. Individual chains can also be linked within the app, which means that the overall progress of the included projects can also be monitored at any time. Details can be retrieved at all times, whether for active, scheduled, completed, or terminated jobs. The user can even take a snapshot of the job progress, and export this to an e-mail.

Platform: Android

The app is available in the Google Play Store.

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Photo: Screenshot

TextGrabber + Translator by ABBYY

ABBYY has released an app that turns iOS and Android devices into document scanners. The best thing about the app is that it not only scans all types of document, but also offers text recognition, allowing immediate editing of contents. With an Internet connection, the text can then even be translated immediately into over 40 different languages. Once the user has finished editing the text, the content can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or Evernote, sent via e-mail or text message, or, of course, saved to the device. The text recognition quality is generally high, but users report that the lighting conditions must be right.  The app costs €5.49.
Platform: iOS 7.0, compatible with iPad; Android 2.2 or higher.

The app is available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

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Photo: Screenshot

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator by IntSig

App developers IntSig have developed the app CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator as a useful productivity tool to help make offices paper-free. This app turns smartphones into miniature scanners that allow you to scan all types of paper documentation, including receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, records, and much more.
To edit documents and to use the simple management function contained within the CamScanner app, users need to register at the Web site. After registering, an intelligent document management function is available on all devices connected to the CamScanner network, allowing simple management of documents. Data can be synchronized with all connected devices in real-time. A simple search function also allows the user to retrieve the right document from all the scanned information.
Purchasing the premium account provides users with an ad-free and watermark-free app for general office use, as well as 10 GB extra cloud storage from the developer.
The app is relatively expensive: Users pay around $5 per month or $50 a year.

Platform: iOS 5.0 and higher, compatible with iPad; Android 2.3 and higher.

The app is available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

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Photo: Screenshot

Head Office by Stepan Revych

Head Office by Stepan Revych is a new arrival to the app market, and promises effective project management on iOS devices. The app allows scheduling and management of the most diverse projects and tasks of all sizes at the tap of a finger. And for managers who have to grapple with multiple projects at the same time, the app also delivers a practical overview structure.

The best thing about Head Office is that it allows even complex projects to be mapped clearly across all dimensions: start dates and due dates, type, status, phases, priority, owners – everything that you need in your day-to-day work – is generally available at your fingertips, and right where you would expect to find it. It offers a simple method for users to shape projects even at multidimensional levels. User can add tags, links, photo and audio files, and more. There is even a Dropbox interface for storing information. Another practical function is that the app can access the smartphone’s contact list to allow the user to send tasks to external contacts and assign different projects to different people. A central dashboard offers a clear overview for each project, and is even available in German if required. The app costs around €5 / $5.

Platform: iOS 7.0, compatible with iPad.

The app is available on iTunes.