Community Support with SAP Business One

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Humanitarian charity Mercy Relief, based in Singapore, delivers critical aid to communities across Asia in response to a myriad of human tragedies. Established in 2003, the charity has provided timely and effective assistance to disaster-stricken communities, such as those impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, earthquakes in Sichuan Province of China, floods in Myanmar, the recent tsunami that struck northeastern Japan, and other catastrophic events.

In addition to providing crisis aid, Mercy Relief also implements longer-term development projects that focus on providing for basic human needs, such as water and sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare, and education. As an independent non-governmental agency, Mercy Relief serves the less fortunate and needy regardless of country, culture, or creed.

Better insights for processes and financials

In the wake of numerous recent natural disasters in Asia, Mercy Relief faced an IT challenge common to organizations that must operate in multiple locations: its IT landscape had become a collection of disparate and standalone systems, each supporting different processes. As a result, reporting was a slow and arduous task, with the reports having to be reconciled between systems. Mercy Relief decided it needed better insight into its processes and financials.

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SAP, through its corporate social responsibility initiative, donated SAP Business One software to Mercy Relief so that it could benefit from a more powerful IT solution to support its relief efforts.

SAP’s partner Blue Ocean Systems has more than 10 years’ experience deploying business information systems powered by a variety of SAP-based solutions. It is dedicated to helping organizations increase their efficiency and meet their stated objectives. Blue Ocean Systems’ team of dedicated consultants met with Mercy Relief, understood their requirements, and managed constraints and expectations to deliver a suitable system that met the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) framework for charitable organizations. Blue Ocean Systems team’s support goes beyond implementation, and they are committed to supporting Mercy Relief’s humanitarian efforts well into the future.

New ERP system results in better decision making

Since the implementation of SAP Business One, Mercy Relief has been able to eliminate its disparate IT systems, along with the requirement for duplicate entry. This has led to more reliable reporting, resulting in faster and better-informed decision making.  “With this SAP system,” says Jaffar Mydin, Director, Outreach & Support, Mercy Relief, “it has surely met our needs and requirements to improve operations.”

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Mercy Relief now benefits from reliable, centralized financial reporting. This has enabled it to better track donations, as well as project expenses. Project managers now have better information to base their decisions on and can avoid waste of already limited resources. In addition, teams also avoid duplication of efforts with other responding agencies.

Arun Devan, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Systems, says, “We at Blue Ocean Systems are happy that we can support Mercy Relief in their attempts to alleviate human suffering in this region during disaster relief.”

SAP Global Partner Quality program

Blue Ocean Systems is an accredited member of the SAP Global Partner Quality program. This program, one of a range of quality services provided by SAP Partner Service Delivery, equips partners with the knowledge and tools to create a quality management framework for the successful delivery of their customer projects. Based on SAP’s 10 Quality Principles, the program provides unified quality standards and procedures to enable partners to mitigate risks and maximize benefits in their implementations. Members of the program must fulfill an annual quality plan and quarterly quality reviews to achieve SAP accreditation from the program.

“It gives us a tremendous amount of professional satisfaction when we can deliver projects timely, within budget, and with the stated objectives,” says Devan.

Video: Case Study

Watch this video to learn more about Mercy Relief and find out how Blue Ocean Systems ensures quality during implementation.

How Blue Ocean Systems Ensures Quality During Implementation

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