Ericsson, SAP and Telenor Connexion bring benefits of M2M connectivity to new frontiers via partnership

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One year into their partnership, Ericsson and SAP have has success with Telenor Connexion, enhancing business processes and offering a complete end-to-end solution for large enterprises. Together the three companies are making it simple for enterprises to connect their assets and transform their businesses.

The partnership, initiated at Mobile World Congress 2013, uses a model to work with operators like Telenor to drive the Machine-to-machine (M2M) market and fully realize the potential of the Networked Society. The three companies have prioritized predictive maintenance for industrial equipment and machinery, and are engaged in projects with a range of multi-national customers.

M2M connectivity creates stores of big data which, if processed in real time, have the potential to revolutionize enterprise businesses. Predictive maintenance provides a foundation for systematic learning based on purpose-driven data collection to improve product design, reliability, operations efficiency, service revenue, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

In an increasingly connected world, service providers need to develop innovative sources of new revenue by intelligently addressing the news of other industries and evolving into major players in the cloud.  At the same time, forward-looking enterprises seeking to deploy M2M solutions are faced with the task of coordinating with a variety of vendors in order to find end-to-end offerings and suitable global connectivity coverage. By working together, Ericsson, SAP and Telenor are able to deliver a connected cloud-based offering to enterprises that remove those complexities.

Moreover, a joint solution focusing on smart metering for utilities based on Ericsson Device Connection Platform, Ericsson BSS and Service Enablement and SAP HANA analytics has been created, which allows enterprises to realize new connected business models and gain efficiency in operations. Gartner sees a $2.01B annual revenue increase possibility if the median Fortune 1,000 business increased the usability of its data by just 10 percent.*

Howard Stevens, global general manager, Telecommunications Business Unit, SAP, says: “Enterprises across all industries are working to create tangible value from the Internet of Things. Real-time insight in combination with advanced predictive capabilities will help businesses anticipate and adapt to rapidly changing conditions, giving them the agility they need to thrive in today’s market. SAP is committed to creating an ecosystem of operators, network providers and other players to help businesses realize the benefits of the Internet of Things and create new revenue opportunities and business models across all industries.”

Douglas Gilstrap, head of Strategy, Ericsson Group, says: “This end-to-end solution helps operators enjoy the efficiency of a Networked Society by combining the know-how and channels of SAP along with the leading technology and services from Ericsson.  The active interest from customers confirms our belief that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, resulting in smoother, faster business among other benefits.”

Per Simonsen, CEO, Telenor Connexion says: “Not only can we see significant savings realized by use of real-time information from connected products, it also enables enterprises to re-think business models and move towards more service-based offerings.”

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Simon Paris is president of Global Strategic Industries at SAP.

*Gartner Press Release “Gartner Says Business Analytics Will Be Central for Business Reinvention” June 8, 2013