Maxcom to Expand Market Reach and Business Capabilities With SAP

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MEXICO CITY — SAP AG today announced that Maxcom Telecommunications has selected the SAP ERP application and solutions from the SAP Cloud portfolio to enhance operational flexibility and support a process of internal reengineering. With a goal to increase market share and create entirely new markets by reinforcing its competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry, Maxcom plans to revamp its internal business processes with the help of a new integrated and comprehensive technology platform from SAP. The transformation will support more efficient operational practices and helps facilitate a strong trajectory of growth for the telecommunications company, which serves micro, small and midsize businesses and residential customers in the Mexican territory.

Maxcom expects its growth to outpace historical trends and has adopted a strategy that entails a new business model. The model is supported by a reengineering of internal processes to enable greater operational flexibility and efficiency to solidify the company’s competitive positioning in the industry. SAP software will empower Maxcom to seamlessly rearrange its offerings, refine its business model and target a new set of customers with unique telecommunications needs.

“At Maxcom, we firmly believe that technology is the primary enabler of our business, and enhancing our technological capabilities will lead to improved quality in the services we offer to customers,” said Enrique Ibarra, CEO, Maxcom. “Additionally, a well-integrated modern platform will allow us to do our job with high operational efficiency, providing an opportunity to also improve our position in the marketplace. SAP offers us a state-of-the-art system to help us sustain strong growth over the next year. We look forward to taking advantage of the opportunity presented by current market and regulatory conditions.”

As the company redesigns workflows, Maxcom will restructure its information systems to be tightly integrated into daily business processes in accordance with best practices in the industry. The integration of the SAP software will help Maxcom increase flexibility and allow data to flow across business units, without being delayed by organizational boundaries.

Previously, Maxcom used multiple fragmented information systems, which did little to contribute to the automation processes required to improve operational efficiency. Maxcom will update its currently deployed version of SAP ERP and will install a range of additional SAP solutions to achieve a broad spectrum of automation and efficiency across a wide variety of business units. These include the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application, the SAP Convergent Mediation application by DigitalRoute, the SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management solution and solutions for talent and corporate communications management from SuccessFactors, an SAP company.

Using SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, Maxcom is accelerating time to value with an ambitious deployment schedule that involves all areas of the business. Its primary focus is on adopting the new technology solutions to increase business intelligence (BI) and provide an immediate advantage over competitors. For example, Maxcom’s pricing and invoicing system is planned to empower the company to more rapidly convert ideas into new commercial products ready for market in a short time.

“IT projects that involve business goals are the backbone of any organization,” said Ramón Álvarez, CEO, SAP Mexico. “SAP solutions provide the key to achieving and improving the operations of an organization and its position in the marketplace. Maxcom will rely on SAP to revitalize its business and together we can accelerate their innovation.”

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About Maxcom
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, S.A.B. de C.V., headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, is a facilities-based telecommunications provider using a “smart-build” approach to deliver last-mile connectivity to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses and residential customers in the Mexican territory. Maxcom launched commercial operations in May 1999 and is currently offering local, long distance, data, value-added, paid TV, and IP-based services on a full basis in greater metropolitan Mexico City,Puebla, Tehuacan, San Luis, and Queretaro, and on a selected basis in several cities in Mexico. The information contained in this press release is the exclusive responsibility of Maxcom and has not been reviewed by the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission (the “CNBV”) or any other authority. The registration of the securities described in this press release before the National Registry of Securities (Registro Nacional de Valores) held by the CNBV, shall it be the case, does not imply a certification of the investment quality of the securities or of Maxcom’s solvency. The trading of these securities by an investor will be made under such investor’s own responsibility.

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