Mobile Messaging Security from SAP Helps Prevent Cross-Operator Spam Attacks

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

BARCELONA — With spam attacks targeted at mobile devices on the rise, SAP AG is employing its flagship SMS interworking service to protect against cross-operator attacks. The company today announced that in the last two months, new anti-spam capabilities within the SAP SMS 365 mobile service have detected and eliminated nearly 18 million attempted spam and grey route messages. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress 2014, being held February 24-27 in Barcelona, Spain.

In January 2014, SAP SMS 365 blocked a major credit card phishing attack targeting several U.S. operators. By preventing the SMS associated with the attack from ever reaching subscribers, SAP prevented what could have been a major wave of credit card fraud.

To enhance its ability to fight spam and other unwanted SMS traffic, Cloudmark’s mobile security product, Cloudmark Security Platform, has been integrated into SAP SMS 365. With Cloudmark Security Platform, SAP SMS 365 offers messaging security protection that automatically detects and mitigates messaging abuse and threats. By combining forces, SAP and Cloudmark have more than doubled real-time spam blocking capabilities of SAP SMS 365 when compared to legacy anti-spam solutions. As a result, across the SAP SMS 365 network consumers have received far fewer unwanted mobile messages and mobile network operators have achieved savings from international termination fees and subscriber customer service costs typically incurred to resolve spam-related issues.

“Mobile spam has escalated into a significant threat to mobile operators and consumers alike,” said William Dudley, group director, Global Product Strategy & Solutions, SAP Mobile Services. “With a massive global reach of more than 3 billion individuals, SMS has become the last frontier for spammers and unscrupulous marketers. We are currently blocking more than 1 million spam messages per day for only a subset of our customers and this number will dramatically increase as we expand the capability to our entire customer footprint. We understand that guarding against malicious mobile messaging traffic is essential to protecting the security of our customers which is why we have implemented anti-spam capabilities that rank among the best in the industry.”

The new anti-spam capability of SAP SMS 365 is a value-added service that SAP has implemented for a significant portion of U.S. mobile operators and some operators around the world. Continued rollout of the service will happen throughout 2014 with the goal of providing all mobile operator customers worldwide with more reliable traffic patterns and protection against incoming SMS spam and grey route messages.

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