What’s Next for SAP Mobile Services?

Sethu Meenakshisundaram, President of SAP Mobile Services (Photo: SAP)
Sethu Meenakshisundaram, President of SAP Mobile Services (Photo: SAP)

SAP.info: Can you give us a quick overview of the business of SAP Mobile Services?

Sethu Meenakshisundaram: SAP Mobile Services has two lines of business.  Firstly, we interconnect more than 1,000 mobile operators through the cloud, enabling their mobile subscribers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, access data and rich communication services across networks and when roaming.  We have the world’s largest and most complete global footprint on a highly available network, processing 1.8+ billion messages per day, reaching 6.11 billion mobile subscribers across 214 countries.  Secondly, we enable enterprises to connect and interact directly with their consumers, through SMS based alerts and content delivery, and mobile engagement solutions. Learn more here.

SAP.info: Mobile continues to transform people’s lives and how companies do business. What’s the next big thing in mobile?

Wearables that rely on machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interfaces are quickly moving into the business world. SAP is taking big leaps in this new evolution including working with Google Glass to improve player performance at the German Bundesliga football club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Wearables are the next logical evolution of smartphones, with connected devices offering workers in many industries – from personal health care to heavy industrial – a safer, better, integrated experience.

Expanding SMS reach, innovation around IPX and LTE


SAP.info: What are your team’s top three priorities?

First, we are taking SMS up the value chain to solve the last mile problem for companies in every industry with our SAP Engagement 365 solution. Our objective is to help our customers generate value from SMS in a digitized world. SMS has long been reliable, inexpensive, and secure. Now we’re going to show customers the value in a whole new way by extending the reach of SMS and creating cross-industry synergies. Second, we’ve announced our new SAP Consumer Insight 365 service that’s powered by SAP HANA and delivered in the cloud that turns Big Data from inside a mobile operator’s network into actionable, relevant insights for brands, marketing and advertising companies, so they can better serve their customers. Third, we partner with almost 1,000 operators globally and have a proven track record of innovation around IPX/LTE, rich communication engagement services, and mobile commerce. We will continue to co-innovate with our partners to bring even more value to our shared customers.

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SAP.info: How will SAP Mobile Services help customers harness the greatest value from mobile in 2014?

Organizations will be able to solve the last mile problem through cross-industry synergies between devices and machines that collect data for business and consumer usage. For example, SAP helped develop RecallsPlus, an app that sends SMS alerts about recalls to consumers who have purchased certain products. This takes advantage of natural synergies between the consumer products and retail industries. Another example would be utilities and the public sector. Sensors can collect and analyze Big Data from machinery and devices, sending SMS alerts to citizens in real time in case of emergencies. Right now, our SAP SMS 365 service powers NY-ALERT, New York State’s all-hazards alert system, sending out notifications to 3.6 million subscribers’ mobile devices in case of a crisis. In addition, we are a direct channel for some of the world’s largest social networks and largest banks, enabling integrated solutions including promotions, notifications and security-related transactions, and helping our customers reach the last mile effectively.

SAP.info: Your ecosystem is an integral part of SAP Mobile Services. What can partners expect this year?

We are committed to co-innovation with our ecosystem and are already working to build joint solutions that improve their reach and provide a better customer experience. We are working with partners to provide a secure way to meet regulations and consumer safety concerns around important issues, including opt-in for notifications.

Customer insights with SAP HANA in 2014


SAP.info: What excites you the most about 2014?

We have a tremendous opportunity with SAP HANA to build value from consumer insights by bringing data together and turning it into useful information that impacts our customer’s business and their consumers in real time. Our unmatched reach, in addition to the richness of our development APIs and global industry ecosystem, means that we can deliver the business transformation that our customers require to succeed in 2014.